I'm excited to share a new video with you today!

It's all about the powerful story structure called the Hero's Journey. In this video, I look at how you can use this structure for both fiction and nonfiction to make your writing more compelling and captivating to your readers.

How To Use "The Hero's Journey" in Fiction and Nonfiction Writing (video)

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I've just started making YouTube videos and really appreciate your support. I hope the video inspires you with your writing. Thanks for watching! 

I've also rounded up some more writing resources for you below. ↓

More Creative Inspiration & Writing Tips 

 "Everything good needs time. Don’t do work in a hurry. Go into details; it pays in every way. Time means power for your work. Mediocrity is always in a rush; but whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing with consideration. For genius is nothing more nor less than doing well what anyone can do badly."

- Amelia E. Barr

Have a fantastic weekend! God bless.


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