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One Woman Army?

Hey ,

Do you remember the story of elves who used to make the shoes for the cobbler while he was sleeping? Well, I have my own set of elves, the only difference being that they work with me instead of when I'm sleeping!

Welcome to Dohful's Sunday Letter guys, I'm here to talk about something I have actually never done before.

The people behind Dohful! 

These are the people that put in all of their heart & soul into making sure each cookie in each order goes out in the best possible way. But these are also the people that no one knows.

So I think it's high time we change that! Introducing, all of Dohful's current team, what they do, and why I can't imagine Dohful without a single one of them!

1. Shehnaz

We'll start with the queen bee of our kitchen. Shehnaz has been with us since we started Dohful and has seen us in all our highs and lows. We have celebrated with her, lost our shit in front of her, and everything in between.

She's the one who follows the recipe to the T, making all that delicious cookie dough which eventually gets baked into your cookies. But having been here the longest, she knows all the in & out of the Dohful kitchen and is the undisputed boss of the place if I'm not there!

2. Rosy

The one behind our Nutella Lava Cookies. She single-handedly measures, and fills Nutella in each and every Nutella Lava cookie every day! This is actually one of those tasks which need steady precision or else you'd end up with Nutella bursting all over the other cookies while baking. And Rosy has definitely mastered it!

Before joining Dohful, Rosy was teaching English to kids in the urban villages of Delhi and still learning English. Since all her classes are online right now, she attends them from the office itself during her break from the kitchen.

She is also next in the line, currently being trained to manage the Dohful kitchen.

3. Priyanka 

For the lack of a better expression, she's the baby of the kitchen. The newest one here, she has quickly become an expert in handling our oven and masterfully takes care that each and every batch of cookies comes out the way it should.

4. Salman

Our unofficial Office Manager. He's a second-year BBA student who joined us for just a few days but ended staying for far more. Salman takes care of each and every order on the daily basis.

Whether there is a message in your order or it needs to be deferred to a further date, it is all taken care by him. He also keeps the kitchen people in the loop by letting them know how many cookies they have to bake on any given day.

He's a curious bright soul who asks questions about everything under the sun from how to manage people and get stuff done to how to start a business. He also insists that we speak with him in English only so that he can become more fluent in it.

5. Asad

Our very own Cookie Monitor! Asad takes care of our cookie tray, making sure to transfer the cookies from hot trays to cooling racks and finally packing each and every cookie individually into wrappers.

Asad is the one who checks every cookie in terms of shape, size, and texture before packing them. He has been bestowed upon the right to reject any cookie if it doesn't look perfect in any way and he takes that job very seriously.

Though new in the Dohful team, Asad has risen to responsibility pretty quickly and I can't imagine a better guy to be in charge of the Dohful quality assurance.

6. Prachi

Literally the newest one on the block. Prachi is responsible for giving you the BTS deets via social media every day! She's also the one calling you to see if you had any issues placing the order if your order doesn't go through.

It was actually really serendipitous the way we met - I was invited to be a guest on Prachi's podcast and when I mentioned we were looking for someone to take care of our customers & social media, she jumped to the occasion.

A fun person to talk to, she is always ready to try something new and I am enjoying myself introducing her to the fascinating world of food!

7. Ruchika

My dear friend and the only Dohful team member to work remotely, Ruchika is the one you talk to if you reach out to us via DMs or Whatsapp or even Email.

I remember when we had that unexpected Rakhi frenzy, we asked for help from Ruchika to manage the inquiries on our DMs. Though initially it was supposed to be a temporary thing,  today I can't imagine functioning without conferring with her once a day about orders, our weekly/monthly plans, and how we can make Dohful better going further.

8. Chaman

My very own Money Man! Admittedly, I'm bad with all the money matters. Who to pay, who to invoice, the GST calculations every month, all of this is being taken care of by Chaman.

He's also the jack of all trades in Dohful. Wherever there is a man less, he makes himself useful there. Whether it's in the kitchen or to go ingredient shopping or even replying to your queries via DMs and email - he's everywhere he needs to be. 

9. Arushi

And lastly, it's me! But you guys already know me right? So I don't think I need to say much about me. 

Right now, I am. working on making those new cookie flavors for you but you might have seen me on our Instagram and Youtube channels also! 

Thank you so much for reading this!

P.S.: If you face any issue with your cookies or delivery or anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can reply back on this email or mail us at

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