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Musings from my Writing Cave

I hope you are happy, healthy, and safe. If you are like me, you have been taking advantage of the downtime and doing a lot of reading. The books I have been into are mainly non-fiction, but I did manage to get a few pleasure reads in along the way. If you want to check out what I have been reading, the best place to do that is on Goodreads. You can also check out my blog, and search for my "Books on my Nightstand" posts.

The Covid-19 Pandemic seems to have leveled out in my part of the world, however, I believe it will be some time before we get a sense of normalcy back. It does seem as though I will have a little less reading time though since it looks as though I will be headed back to work. I am actually looking forward to seeing everyone, it has been quite some time since we were last together!

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat, you can link to my email at the button below. I would love to know how you are doing in your part of the world.

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Looking for ARC Readers!

Heaven on Earth - Book 4!

I was able to complete Heaven on Earth, and I am happy to announce that the 2nd round of edits will be going back to my editor for the final once over. My graphic designer is also lined up so we should be seeing some cover images soon! I am so excited to share the final book in the series with you!

If you are interested in being put on my Review Team, please let me know! You will get an Advanced Reader Copy of my new releases free in exchange for an honest review. I also have a special gift for those who sign up before the release of Book 4!

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I could use your help with...

If you have read any, or all, the books so far in the series, I would like to ask you a favor. I am looking for honest reviews to be posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Goodreads. Having reviews at these sites helps my books be seen by other awesome readers like you! The links below will get you to those sites. 


If purchases or downloads were made here, this link will take you to my Author page. From there you can click on the book you would like to leave the review for.

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If purchases or downloads were made here, this link will take you to the title page. Just click on the link for the book you would like to leave a review for.


If purchases or downloads were made here, this link will take you to Sea of Dreams. From there you can click on the link for each book.


If you purchased the book directly from me, or received it as a gift, you can use the Goodreads link here to leave a review.

I am also present on BookBub here.

As a special thank you....

For any reviews posted on any of these sites, I will send you a small gift!  Everyone loves book bling, and these beaded bookmarks are hand-made and no two are alike! I also have a special magickal surprise inside the envelope and a magnet with my spiffy new author logo on it!

You just need to email me the link to your review and your shipping address. Be sure to let me know in the subject line you are looking for your book review thank you. Once I receive your email, I will get your gift in the mail to you! Easy breezy!  

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Dark Witch Image by Rondell Melling -
Blurb for my upcoming release!

Heaven on Earth - Book 4

Pulled into a struggle between balance and chaos, Tara must embrace her burgeoning powers and fulfill her destiny as the element of Earth.

Tara Varela secretly communicates with animals. Even stranger is her ability to heal others, which is getting stronger by the day. After tending to a mysterious man through an otherworldly connection, she embarks on a journey in a parallel realm she never knew existed.

Her journey to Wisteria is only the beginning. As she comes to terms with her magickal gifts, she finds that the man she has befriended understands more about her purpose than she does. As they unravel the mystery of their connection, they each struggle with their growing attraction.

The healing energy that Tara harnesses is powerful, but as with most magick, there’s a cost. Theo’s desires can’t be acted upon without draining her powers and she’s made it clear, she’s willing to chance it. The choice between following their desires and doing what they must is something they will struggle with. Little do they know; neither has much choice in the matter.

What I wouldn't do for a...

Road Trip!

With things opening up, my thoughts stray to the possibility of some road trips in the next few months. I wont be going far from home.... in the meantime, I will need to be happy with my memories of some past trips.

For my Origins of Witchcraft series, I did do a post on a trip to Salem, Massachusets that I was able to do a few years back. If you missed it, you can link to the post here. I did attend the Witch's Ball, and here I am doing my best to channel my inner "Moon." Tarot card deck was the theme of the party.

Another one of the more interesting things I did was visit the House of Seven Gables, and for anyone who has plans to visit Salem, you will need to put it on your list of things to do! It was fun learning about the author and the history of the house that inspired his novel.

Coming up....
AKA: What else have I gotten myself into?

My garden exploded, and I have a ton of work to do. But I had to make a choice between writing and the garden, and lucky for you the writing won out!

I continue to query Book 1 in my Paranormal Cozy series and Book 2 is at a standstill for now. I have decided the best time to work on that will be during #NaNoWriMo 2020, so that will be my project for this year's event.

I will be freshening up the other books in the Power of Four series after launching Book 4 in early August. Once the entire series is ready, I will be creating some box sets for the series.

Finally, I have committed to writing a short story that will be included in a Goddess Anthology in October. I will announce more on that he the time comes, but for anybody following my Origins of Witchcraft series, you will recognize one of the main characters I have planned for my protagonist!

In the meantime, stay safe, and happy reading! XO

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