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AURORA Highlights
May 2020
Blessings to our Mother from AURORA!
Mothers Day for Mother Earth

When Mother Earth sends us a message

Mother Earth is clearly urging a call to action. Nature is suffering. Australian fires, heat records and the worst locust invasion in Kenya. Now we face COVID-19, a worldwide health pandemic link to the health of our ecosystem.

Climate change, man-made changes to nature as well as crimes that disrupt biodiversity, such as deforestation, land-use change, intensified agriculture and livestock production or the growing illegal wildlife trade -  remind us more than ever on this Mothers Day that we need a shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and the planet.

Let’s use this Mother's Day to promote harmony with nature and Mother Earth.

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Live Everyday Sacred - Spread the Message in our Communities

Live Everyday Sacred

The Intention, or Sankalpa, of  AURORA

The main purpose of this sankalpa is to help the people of our community, including ourselves, realize our potential. To release the tremendous power by all focusing on the same common goal - to Live Everyday Sacred. It’s effect is to awaken the willpower within by uniting the conscious awareness with the unconscious forces lying dormant.Using these words - Live Everyday Sacred - we can help bring positive changes in lives.

These words are like a seed that we would like to plant knowing the huge potential they can have in our community. Our job is to help make the soil fertile in our clients so that the seed that we plant - to Live Everyday Sacred - will germinate.

We need to be there to look after and to tend to the soil daily, with the inner certainty that the seed will produce its fruit in its own time. And after there is fruiting, AURORA will be there to continue to help support the ongoing nurturing as the roots of the seed grow further down - until the body feels its power and strength, resonates with it, and the intellectual mind no longer questions it, ever.

Now we have helped build a community of Faith, where all dimensions of each personality are in harmony, undivided and moving in the same direction to - Live Everyday Sacred.We look forward to being able to serve our community in this capacity of Faith. We give thanks that AURORA Sacred Healing Centre has come to be.

All is well in our world.  So much to be thankful for.



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Course offering: 5 Mondays June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 (7-8pm)
Connecting with Ourselves

The Reducing Stress with Mindfulness course is intended to teach individuals how mindfulness can help with physical and psychological health problems and ongoing life challenges in their own personal lives and in the lives of the people they interact with.  

When you sign up for the course offering (5 days in total) - we will be offering these training sessions every Monday evening in June from 7-8pm through Zoom
video conferencing. Participants will receive through email, materials they will need for the entire course as well as instructions as to how to access the Zoom meetings online.

Workshop Agenda
Day One - Surviving or Thriving?
Day Two - Planting the Seed – your Personal Practice
Day Three - Preparing the Soil for Germination
Day Four - Rooting down and Branching out
Day Five - Cultivating a Mindful Practice of your Own

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Tuesdays and Thursdays (8:00-8:30pm)
to Heal Ourselves
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Connecting to our Mother
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Heals our Mother
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