Some "quality of life" improvements to your feedback board. View in browser


We've been working on some "quality of life" improvements to your Feature Upvote feedback boards.

Longer comments

Comments can now be as long as suggestion descriptions.

We did this because of a problem with merging suggestions. When you merge two suggestions, the text of one suggestion is converted to a comment into another suggestion. Sometimes this text was getting truncated. This is because the max length of comments was too short. Comments can now be longer, matching the the max length of a suggestion description.


Block IP addresses

We've got a few tricks in place to prevent abuse of your feedback board. One thing that was missing until now was the ability to block specific IP addresses.

Our IP address block doesn't stop access entirely. It puts the traffic from the blocked IP address into "read-only" mode, preventing posting of suggestions and comments, and preventing voting.

Read more about blocking IP addresses.


View all upvotes now really means "all"

When you use our "view upvotes" feature to see voting metadata, it was restricted to showing the 500 most recent votes.

We've now added paging to this screen so that you can see all votes ever, even for the most highly upvoted suggestions.


The Feature Upvote team

PS: Have you seen our changelog? It shows the most significant improvements we've made to Feature Upvote.

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