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Using humor during difficult times eases the hurt

Hello Happiness Fans,

Here is this week’s Happiness Report.

Happiness Secret

The secret to happiness is not to do what makes you happy. It’s to be happy doing what you’re already doing. Be happy. It drives people crazy. In life, we must find happiness. They say money doesn’t bring happiness, but everyone still wants to prove it for themselves.

Going through life with a sense of humor is incompatible with a culture where concern is a sign of respect. Joking about tragedies or death is inconsiderate.

But, sometimes we have to see the positive side of the bad things that happen to us using our sense of humor. Either way, it’s happening, and we can look at it however we want. We’ll give an example in a great story.

Martin was 31 years old when he lost his job. He was head of accounting for a small company, but when the COVID hit, the company had to cut back severely. Everyone that knew Martin felt bad for him. They all tried in vain to cheer him up. In turn, because they couldn’t, they too felt terrible.

          "Some people create happiness wherever they go.

           Others, whenever they go."

None of this affected Maritn. He had lost his job, but it was a great opportunity to start his own business. He always had a smile on his face. This apparently annoyed all his well-wishers. They would say things like, “How can he be so happy and carefree after they just fired you like that?” or, “Don’t you care?”

We live in a world where complaining and feeling sorry seems to be expected. Anyone who breaks the mold makes sure to let them know about it – and silently judge them.

For example, haven’t we wondered how someone could be doing so well when a spouse died just a few weeks ago, or they end a relationship?

Going through life so seriously means we sometimes over-dramatize situations that have an easy solution. Of course, every situation is different. But if we know how to smile and look optimistically at the future, everything will be better, and the opportunities we have been hoping for will appear.

Learning to laugh about a tragic or painful situation that we have gone through is a sign of high resilience. It doesn’t mean our pain is less or the importance of the event has been minimized. It is just a useful tool to smother our pain with humor. Gathering the strength to raise our heads and smile at life, even if it has some harsh blows for us.

Until next week, make yourself happier by delivering an unexpected favor to another.

Yours in happiness,


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