Dear beautiful beloved ,

I have a small ask of you today.

I need your stories. I need tales of your trials and tribulations. I need to hear how bariatric surgery, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, or otherwise change has impacted your weight loss and your life for the better. 

In the past, My Bariatric Life released full-length bariatric success stories. And they've been a huge boon to the community, each serving as a well of inspiration for literally hundreds of thousands of readers looking for a way forward.

Probably my favorite part of doing this website over the years has been reading those stories, knowing that something I put out into the world has had that strong an impact on so many people's lives. The individual stories really bring that home. Research articles impart knowledge. But individual stories hit you harder, hit you somewhere deeper.

And now I need more of these to keep publishing them on My Bariatric Life website and Facebook page

So let's hear from you gals and guys. Email me (mybariatriclife@att.net) if you would like to add your story to My Bariatric Life. Check out the success stories of people just like you -- Jassira, Jen, Bill, Kristin and others -- for inspiration. Those stories—your stories—have always felt like the heart of My Bariatric Life. I want them to remain so. 

And don't feel like your story isn't relevant just because you're still working toward your goals. Trust me on this: People need to see the middle of the story as much as the end. For many people, seeing someone else "in-progress" can be just the right motivation. Whether you're just beginning and feeling the initial benefits of a bariatric lifestyle, whether you're in the middle of dropping your weight regain and can share what you've learned and seen so far, or whether you've reached your goals (or are still surpassing them years later), I want to hear and share it. 

Based on the effect these success stories have had in the past, your story is certain to help even more people change their lives for the better.

Sometimes a person just needs to hear—and see—that it's possible. Sometimes it's a turn of phrase, a single WORD or picture, that creates a massive groundswell of inspiration and motivation. You never know how powerful your story can be—however mundane it might feel to you—so, please, share it! 

I have to say, there's nothing like a full-length story—the kind where you feel like you get to know the person and experience the whole trajectory of their ups and downs by the end—and/or the kind with several photos that offer poignant illustrations of their quest along the way.

But if that feels like it's setting the bar too high, no worries. If the idea of sending in a shorter version with a simple before and after photo gets you over the hump, then that's perfect for a Facebook post. The point is the success itself—what you've learned and gained (or lost!) so far. 

Will you share yours?

Send those success stories (and photos that show or celebrate your journey) to mybariatriclife@att.net. Be sure to mention that it's a success story in the subject line. 

In the meantime, enjoy some of the Bariatric Success Stories highlighted in today's Your Daily Success. Thanks a bunch. I hope to hear from you soon.

Living larger than ever,
Cheryl Ann Borne, My Bariatric Life
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Gastric Sleeve Revision Success Story

Fabiola Apollon Lost Weight by Never Losing Faith

Fabiola Apollon is familiar with the setbacks and success of weight loss. She was not a first time winner, nor a second or third, for that matter. However, she is a woman of great spirit, and her determination finally won the battle with a gastric sleeve revision, spirituality, and dedication.

Fabiola was overweight all through childhood despite her mother’s attempts at management. Every year she would gain more and more weight. When in high school, she did manage to lose 20 pounds but gained it back when she was in college. She had lap band surgery in 2009 and lost 60 pounds but would gain that back as well. Fabiola then had the LAP-band to gastric sleeve revision in June 2012.

Since the gastric sleeve surgery, Fabiola’s dress size has dropped to a size 8/10, from the size 22 she used to wear. Fabiola is now more confident in her body and very much enjoys that people take notice of her in a positive way.

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