Learn today: how to be better at planning, what are the best books on business and how to speed up your business.

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Learn today: how to be better at planning, what are the best books on business and how to speed up your business.


Are you great at planning? I must admit that scheduling has been a nightmare for me.

Switching from a creative mode (tasks that cannot be done in a hurry) to a managing mode (tasks that are usually done in a hurry) turns my brain upside down.

I have found a great vintage post by Paul Graham that addresses this problem:

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As some of you have recently joined and haven’t read the previous 40 issues of A.B.C. Toolbox I decided to provide you with a short summary of the best business books I’ve recommended over this period of time.

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A while ago my advisory team was asked to help a company overcome a slowdown.

Their value proposition had worn out a bit and they were looking for new product ideas.

We spent many hours  collecting information by interviewing employees in 1-on-1 sessions.

After we combined their ideas we realized we had a pre-baked improvement plan.

It turned out the challenge was not the lack of knowledge in the organization, but the lack of communication.

If there a problem in your company — ask yourself: “Do I allocate enough time to talk openly with my team? Do I listen and let them give me open feedback?”. Solutions will spring out of the closet.

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