Lost in 2018

One can't find everything. Here's a few tracks from 2018 that I didn't add instantly but on a second round through releases from the year claims a price on the playlist.

Issue 43

I try to get all the best hip hop throughout the year. But there’s so much hip hop released every day (!) that it’s impossible to keep up. Hence, once every January I try to sit down and scrap the web for songs and albums that I missed.

On the note of summarizing the year, I scrolled through the playlist and felt that there’s a bit too much mainstream rap and hip hop in the list this past year. Although I believe it’s good music, Franklins is supposed to be more than that: it’s supposed to also put the spotlight on some fresh or overseen rappers in the genre. I will put extra effort to find that this coming year.

Hope you’ve had a good year!

Til’ next time.

William Bengtsson
William Bengtsson

Kota The Friend flew under my radar in 2018. He's one of thousand rappers who has about 500k - 1m listens and waiting for his breakthrough. His album Anything was melodic, calm and nice.

Listen here

do u

Iojii is as lowkey as his name. He's sounds a bit like Earl Sweatshirt combining that with beats that would fit on a Ka album. Very smooth Sunday afternoon listen. 

Listen here

Federal Pressure

Kevin Gates got released from prison and has been productive since. He's back with his nasty voice and heavy beats. He's the most "banger friendly" rapper I know (after Meek Mill perhaps). He brings Moneybagg Yo on this track, a rapper who has been getting more and more limelight in 2018. 

Listen here

all my friends

21 Savage released an album in 2018. I honestly didn't listen to it because he's always been a "meme rapper" to me and not worthy the attention. But after multiple good reviews I had to give it a go. The album i am i was shown that 21 Savage has grown a lot and developed his technique a lot as well as lyrically. 

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Crushed Up

Future released a track just after new years eve. Weird timing but I can't complain since this is the Future I love: I get DS2 vibes from this track and it's all I ever wanted for the holidays.

Listen here

Python program that writes randomly-generated rap songs

A user from Reddit, Saisenberg, wrote a program that generates rap songs for you. He/she describes it as:

"I wrote a Python app that uses Markov Chains to write its own randomly-generated rap songs (based on real rap lyrics that I scraped from RapGenius)."

A lyrics that the program generated:
"all these girls crave drama funny how life can be dalai lama"

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