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Remember the adage: You’re never too old to learn new tricks?

I’m living proof it’s true.

Not only did I join a sisterhood of Sweet2Heat authors to produce this wildly popular box set, which is climbing up the charts.

Have you grabbed your copy yet? Click on the photo below to check out the A+ images I made for the box set. Coincidentally, the first image asks: Are COWBOYS our last real heroes? Funny, given the story below. Tell me what you think?

But, I produced a new 7-book box set of my own. It’s also only 99¢ at Amazon (or read Free on KindleUnlimited).

Welcome to seven heart-warming love stories set on the west coast. A second-chance summer in the Sierra-Nevada mountains re-introduces a bull rider hoping for one last shot at the golden ring and a hotel exec on the verge of obliterating the glass ceiling of her NYC job. Both can think of a million reasons not to fall in love. A small-town single mom’s reunion with her first love—a successful LA film director—comes with the knowledge he might be her teenage son’s biological father. With their marriage on the rocks, the last thing two San Francisco lawyers need is her father’s land war coming between them. A single barracuda-in-heels who loses her footing—and her job, but finds her billionaire soul mate. After a tragedy straight out of the headlines, a Central Valley cowboy dad reaches out for help for his young daughters and connects with a nearly burnt-out family counselor looking for a change…until love helps four hearts heal together. In Oregon, a recently single dad/chef does his best not to fall for his dog’s groomer—a single mom with twins, but his Great Dane has other plans.


HER FOREVER COWBOY: “…a sweet, emotional story that takes the reader on a journey to the spectacular High Sierra whilst capturing his/her heart with a set of beautiful characters and a solid, well-paced storyline.” ~ Goodreads review

NEVER SAY NEVER: “…vivid and well-paced, making the readers feel the characters’ emotions, suffering and rejoicing with them.” ~ Amazon review

CALEB’S CHRISTMAS WISH: “This beautiful story is about love blossoming out of devastating loss and it really tugged at my heartstrings.” ~ Goodreads review

A BABY AFTER ALL: “…a deeply emotional, involving story about love and family values brightened by lively, witty and realistic characters striving to achieve a better understanding of themselves and reaching a new level of happiness.” ~ Amazon review

LOVE AFTER ALL: “…packed full of humor, real life, and romance. And, Cuddles the pig, of course.” ~ Goodreads review

THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY: “This story sucked me in emotionally from the beginning, but that’s no surprise as Debra Salonen is an expert when it comes to dealing with emotions.” ~ online reviewer

FOREVER AND EVER, BY GEORGE: “This wonderful book is touching and humorous and engages you from the word go.”

Free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers


Every romance has to have one. But what defines a hero? And how come we celebrate them so epically in novels but they often go overlooked in real life?

Well, not today. Here’s a story of real-life heroes who put everything into saving the lives of two strangers.

“Small Army” Of Rescuers Save Father And Son
When Car Plunges Down 500-Ft Cliff

This story matters to me because my son, Jon Paul, was the Search and Rescue (SAR) Team Leader in charge of getting these two crash victims out of the ravine. He saw this as a mission that needed to get done and he didn’t stop until the waiting ambulance left for the hospital with the injured father and son. There were a lot of moving parts: the steepness of the terrain, for one, dealing with the weather (sleet) was a biggie, and a culvert that let loose above them and could have taken out anyone below was a hazard no one could have predicted. The physicality of this particular rescue left JP wiped out and sore for days, but when you volunteer for this type of service, you give everything you can. That’s what heroes do.

There were a lot of heroes on the scene of this accident, including the Cal-Fire crew that spotted a missing Mile Marker and turned around to check, and all the volunteers who showed up and got things done. This time two lives were saved. And I’m so proud of my hero son for his part in this rescue.

(And if you’re wondering, I have mined some of JP’s experiences to flesh out the action in some of my books. In fact, my hero in HER SECOND-
was a SAR team leader in high school and went on to join the Coyote Springs Sheriff’s Department.)

Happy reading, my friends!


Next time: something unsuitably perfect…and buy George for less…

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