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Biweekly Cybersecurity Newsletter - Nov 23rd, 2016

Stay safe online while giving thanks this holiday season

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for all the awareness and education in the cyber security space and the laws and actions being taken by governments and firms worldwide to protect their citizens, customers and employees from cyber attacks.   We are thankful for great technological advances in all walks of life, and for strides taken in keeping technology as secure as possible from hackers and attackers.

For some of you this week of Thanksgiving may be hectic while for others it may be a time for relaxation. Either way, we wish you a happy, memorable and safe Thanksgiving with your near and dear ones! Whether you may be traveling or staying local this holiday season, here are some basic tips that you can take to stay safe online!


The Ransomware Dilemma

Ransomware has become a worldwide problem where no organization is immune to victimization. The way ransomware works is by making an infected device unusable by locking the screen or system, encrypting its data and then demanding a ransom to unlock and decrypt this data. In some cases, once the user’s PC is infected, the ransomware also displays threatening messages disguised as coming from a law enforcement agency in order to appear credible while intimidating the PC owner. Payment is usually demanded in the form of bitcoins, a virtual currency that is untraceable. According to FBI records, several small businesses have paid as much as $80,000. Find out, 

  • Who suffers? 
  • How worse will it get? 
  • What is the next wave of ransomware? 
  • Can the FEDS save us?

Consumers' poor cyber hygiene costs them billions

The fact that cybercrime impacts hundreds of millions of people, has cost its victims more than $100 billion and most people know of the danger has done little to limit the general complacency and unsafe behavior still prevalent among internet users. Despite consumer's lackadaisical attitude toward protecting their data, in some ways their actions are no better than corporate workers, many of whom have been trained to have excellent cyber hygiene. This includes not learning to spot a phishing email, connecting to unsafe public networks or have the false belief that their connected device is somehow safe from cybercriminals. Vast majority of consumers realize dangers exists, most still act in an unsafe manner when it comes to operating online. They are putting themselves at risk with ‘poor security hygiene’.


Potential Horizon BCBS Data Breach for 170K from Printing Error

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s printing vendor printed and mailed Explanation of Benefit letters to members; however, an error resulted in some members’ names, claim numbers, Member ID numbers, dates of service, service codes, provider and facility names, and a limited description of services being printed on EOB letters that were send to other plan members. The printing run was halted, but not before letters had been mailed to around 170,000 members.

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25% to 30% of users struggle with identifying phishing threats

Humans are often the weak link in any cybersecurity defense. People behave unpredictably because they are sometimes driven by emotion and by an innate desire to trust and please other people. Also, they tend to take the path of least resistance, even if that path inadvertently creates a cybersecurity risk. Attackers understand these human traits, which is why they are frequently successful in exploiting people to get around more predictable machine-based defenses. Though humans are often the weak link in cybersecurity, with a little awareness training and some solid behavioral guidelines, malware infections can be reduced significantly and can shore up that link!

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