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The Neverending Tower

There’s a constant character in the book Mestlven who has made many appearances in the novels of Perilisc. His name is Saykobar Hesh.

We have seen him in Legends of Perilisc, Hemlock, Crown, and Mestlven. He was also featured in Onslaught of Madness. We will continue to see this monstrous bastard in my world for years beyond count. He is back in my upcoming release Wrath of Madness. But for just a second, let’s look at Mestlven and a scene many have criticized as unnecessary, but which set the groundwork for an important storyline in Wrath of Madness.

In a vital scene in Mestlven, Sob (our protagonist/antagonist) is at a party with her upstart mage, Saykobar, when he is approached by rival wizards and torn away to go to a trial in a foreign world. He is taken to the Neverending Tower and brought before the council of the Reavers.

Now, I’m not interested in giving away any spoilers, but I mention this tower because it’s a major feature in Wrath.

This is the home of the vile mage Dotley the Elder, a tower he has been banished from for years beyond count.

He enslaved a race from this world eons ago and set them to build the tower of his dreams, a tower that has been under construction for tens of thousands of years.

Its lower levels are decrepit and crumbling, its upper levels surrounded by scaffolding with slaves toiling in the high reaches of the atmosphere. There are many different styles and looks to the tower, as over the years it has seen hundreds of different architects and designers.

Parts of the tower are falling in, other parts patched together with great sheets of rusting steel. There are sections on fire but the magic of the race that constructs this mammoth tower will not let it be entirely consumed.

It is such a monstrous structure that it can barely support its own weight, and the entire building is leaning and listing to the side. Here is the lair of the vile Dotley the Elder, and he is desperate to get back home.

Read about his plan for his long-awaited and long-feared return in the upcoming release Wrath of Madness.

And let’s also look for the return of Saykobar. You won’t want to miss that.

Wrath of Madness Pre-Order

The pre-order for Wrath of Madness is live! Look for it here and if you’re interested in an ARC for review, send me an email at

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