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Year in Review: Accomplishments

& Events of 2020

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Greetings, everyone.

The year 2020, was surely our most spectacular; our best and brightest to date and it only gets better from here.  

Therefore, we are looking forward to even greater, more spectacular things as we head into 2021!

So here is PACTS International's list of the most significant events of 2020 as it pertains to our community.

JANUARY 22 - COMMUNITY SUMMIT - Possibly the most exciting conference call of the year occurred on January 22 when Chief Daymond Jones hosted Robert Duncan, Ray Schumann, and Derrick Robinson for a compelling evening of discussion and question and answer.  The recording of this call can be heard at this link:

JANUARY 24 - The PACTS, INTERNATIONAL TV promotional trailer premieres.  Trailer link:

FEBRUARY 28 - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment presents a report on "psychological torture" and "cybertorture" - a title coined by Mr. Melzer's office for targeted individuals - to colleagues at the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Mr. Melzer's report can be viewed at the following link:  Psychological Torture and Cybertorture by Professor Nils Melzer

MARCH 6The Winter issue of PACTS' Magazine, "THE DISCUSSION," is published!  Click here to view and/or purchase.

MARCH 24 - The passing of our Hollywood starlet, Melinda Fee.

Melinda's mother, Astrid Allwyn, was a Hollywood actress, and Melinda followed in her footsteps.  She worked in Hollywood for many years starring in a variety of movies and soap operas, and doing guest spots on various television shows, including 'Lost in Space,'' Beverly Hills 90210', 'Cagney and Lacey'. and 'Matlock'. 

Melinda eventually co-starred in a TV series of her own with David McCallum, called 'The Invisible Man.'

Melinda was a cybertorture victim who found our community several years ago. She was a great influence among us during conference calls and local activism events.  

She was always extremely well-informed and often added definitive information on a wide range of topics under discussion.

She is still greatly missed among those of us who knew her.  

APRIL 2 - PACTS, International TV, Episode 1 premieres!  Episode 1

APRIL 13 - In an interview with Chris Hedges, Bill Binney speaks about the physical effects of microwave weapons on RT's international network.  The interview is about 25 minutes and Mr. Binney begins to speak about microwave weapons at about 19:00 minutes into the program.  Link:

APRIL 18 - PACTS, International holds its first successful Legal Defense Fundraiser.  Announcement:

JUNE - The United Nations Specail Rapporteur issues a call for papers regarding psychological tortrure or cybertorture which would form the basis for his speech to the UN General Assembly in October.

JUNE 26 - CARL'S RV PARK - opens for TI's in southern Texas, about one hour east of San Antonio. It is designed for those who either have an RV or would like to rent one. The park has enjoyed steady growth since its opening and currently has four residents, including Carl, with more coming soon.  

For more details, please contact:  

Carl Staley

JULY 21 - The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture's office publishes a webpage which contains the testimonies from cybertorture organizations and individual victims worldwide.  Testimonies from Cybertorture organizations and victims posted on UN website.

JULY 29 - Launch of the International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and the Robotisation of Living Beings (ICATOR), headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. ICATOR is a coalition of national TI groups across the globe who have come together for more effective activism in regards to the phenomenon of cybertorture. Representative countries include:  Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, United States, Canada, Japan, and China.  

Melanie Vritschan, President
Derrick Robinson, Vice-President

JULY 31 - The First Annual World Day Against Electronic Torture is observed in our community.  Cybertorture victims across the nation and the world came together to observe this occasion which began in Argentina among a group of victims there.  Because Argentina is her home country, Liliana DeLucca-Connor spearheaded efforts to publicize the event along with members of the European Coalition Task Force.

AUGUST 2 -  The Summer issue of PACTS' Magazine, "THE DISCUSSION," is published.  Click here to view and/or purchase

AUGUST 28 - PACTS, International TV, Episode 2 is published.  Episode 2

OCTOBER 15 - Professor Nils Melzer presents a second report regarding psychological torture to the United Nations 75th General Assembly which can be viewed at this link:  Professor Melzer presents to the UN General Assembly

OCTOBER 20 - GQ magazine publishes a comprehensive article on the subject of microwave weapons.  The article mainly centers around the life and career of a single CIA operative, Marc Polymeropoulos who was attacked with microwave technology while in Moscow in 2017 and he is still under attack today. This massive article also broached the possibility of other instances of microwave weapon assaults in Australia, Washington, DC. and other locations. GQ article:  The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion 

DECEMBER 5 - A New York Times article reveals that a government-commissioned "Report Points to Microwave ‘Attack’ as Likely Source of Mystery Illnesses That Hit Diplomats and Spies. " Link:

DECEMBER 5 - According to the New York Times, after presure from several congressional legislators, a new report commissioned by the State Department was finally released and concludes that "after considering the information available to it and a set of possible
mechanisms, the committee felt that many of the distinctive and acute signs, symptoms, and observations reported by DOS employees are consistent with the effects of directed, pulsed radiofrequency (RF) energy."

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine report can be found at this link:  An Assessment of Illness in U.S. Government Employees and Their Families at Overseas Embassies

DECEMBER 24 - PACTS, International TV, Episode 3 is published and can be viewed at the following link:  Episode 3

On the horizon for 2021!

THE ETHIOPIAN WORLDWIDE FEDERATION, INC. -  Tim White, a former board member for FFCHS, is now on the board of the Ethiopian Worldwide Federation, Inc., which is an official UN-affiliated non-governmental organization (NGO).  Due to his capacity as a board member of this group and a cybertorture victim, Tim intends to use his position to advocate for our cybertorture community to the hundreds of NGO's represented in the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Expect more soon from Tim as he begins an outreach campaign to the other UN member groups.   Website:   The Ethiopian Worldwide Federation, Inc.

LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE STARTING IN LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA!  Scott Cranmer is leading the effort to obtain legislation on the books against the abuse of microwave weapons in the city of Los Angeles.  Those interested in helping with this effort may contact Scott at:

POSSIBLE LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE STARTING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE.  Due to Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire's success in acquiring healthcare for the diplomats to Cuba and China, and because she is also aware of microwave weapons assault victims beyond diplomatic circles, there is now an effort to convince her office to introduce general legislation against the abuse of microwave weapons.  We are hoping to hear more from this initiative in the coming months.  

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