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Best Sellers May

The Bookbinder of Jericho

'The Bookbinder of Jericho' by Pip Williams held the lead for May selling 3,497 copies (- 2,201).

Second place and new to the list was, 'The Voice to Parliament Handbook: All the Detail You Need' selling 3,236 copies

Also new to the list was the 8th edition of the Seven Sisters, 'Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt' which sold 2,122 copies.

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May saw good growth in New Zealand with an 8% increase in monthly sales.

Australia was similar, up just over 7%.

Year To Date Australia is sitting up 15.14% and New Zealand up 4.18%.

Sales compared to last year April/May

  • Australia:  2.79%  / 7.22%
  • New Zealand: -2.8% / 8.2%

You can see the full year in Reports > Monthly Sales

System Updates

Self Onboarding saw a lot of improvements this month, along with updating the core code of the system. Users will start to see a visual change from the horizontal menu to the new vertical panels in Vue, one area at a time. Housekeeping and tidy-ups concentrated on APIs among other things. 

See all the updates for May here

Your Bookstore launch

We launched at the BookPeople conference this month. This is a website that shows book buyers who has a book. There is an incredible selection, local bookstores on this site have 400,000 + titles on shelves!

We'd love all our customers to be part of this. There are no additional charges. Our aim is to connect local book buyers with local bookshops in a genuine way. We simply direct customers to your shop, where they become your customers and hopefully build long term relationships.

This site gives your customers a local option for harder to find titles and a place to go for people that want to support local but currently shop on big central sites. It enables local bookstores to attract back online book buyers that do so for convenience and work together for mutual benefit.

We hope that you will support and promote it to your customers and in your social media channels. You can also give the following referral link to publishers and authors you deal with to put on their sites next to their titles. Most publishers and authors like to support local so should be happy to do this.

If you have colleagues that would also like to get this news letter, click here to sign up.

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