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Issue 57- April 24, 2020

Issue 57- April 24, 2020

Happy Friday Friends!

"Welcome back to "The Cre8tive Life"- your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out!

This past week started off with me hosting my¬†first "Cre8tive Connections" event. I had set a personal goal of hosting 20 people, and was so pleasantly surprised and elated that I reached it. My heart was beyond full and happy that people actually came, and enjoyed themselves in the specially curated virtual space that I designed ūü§ó. And, I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you that took time out of your evening to support me in my vision. It truly meant a lot to me.

Aside from that, I have been adjusting to the quiet time of not having my full-time work project, doing a lot of reflecting, watching some documentaries, "attending" IG Live Battles between music legends, and tapping back into one of my happy places-creating art. 

Random stories, pictures, video highlights, and other life musings can be found on my personal instagram page (@e101) and official brand page (@thecre8tiveartisan) throughout the week (when/if I end up posting anything).

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Continued prayers that you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy out there ūüíó.



My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Atelophobia (n): The fear of imperfection. The fear of never being good enough.


  • ADVICE:¬†‚ÄúWhen things don't go as expected, trust the reroute" - Lalah Delia


  • MOOD MUSIC:¬†One of my "new" favorite things is seeing the creativity of musicians collectively singing apart. This collective of some of my favorite singers singing one of my favorite songs, "Smile," made me do just that. I hope it brings you one as well!


  • QUARANTINE RECOMMENDATION:¬†If you were ever a fan of shows like "My So Called Life," Party of Five," "Life Goes On" and "The Wonder Years," you might really like the series, "Atypical" on Netflix. I just started watching it this week, and I am hooked!¬†


  • COOKERY MAGIC:¬†Some friends of mine¬†(Anna & Russell)¬† have recently launched a new website called, Quarantine Cakes¬†that features some fun "shelter in place" sized baking good recipes¬†(think of all the fabulous cakes and desserts you have seen in smaller household portions) and cre8tive Quarantini cocktails. If you're feeling like you want to conduct some mini baking experiments in the kitchen, as well as up your bar skill game- you may love this!¬†


  • LIFESTYLE TIP:¬†If you're wanting to load up on tips to eat healthier, as well as gain some more general wellness insight, you may want to check out this free Food Revolution Summit taking place April 23-May 3.¬†


  • FEEL GOOD SHARE: Love this inspirational story of this woman, Deb Siggins, who has created her own giving tree of masks to help her community in this time of social distancing.


Just wanted to send a reminder that it's okay to "unplug" if you need to. We are going through a traumatic time in the world, that may require to "step away" from all the noise to take care of your mental health. 


This week's challenge is to find and connect with something that brings you peace.


Stay tuned for the next "Cre8tive Connections" event that will be featured in next week's newsletter! 

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Thanks sooooooo much in advance for your time!

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Lastly, if you happen to have any future topic ideas, or come across any events I should know about, PLEASE feel free to send those along my way. I always LOVE discovering and learning about new things! 

Have a great day, and be sure to take time to enjoy your life!


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