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We are happy, proud, and extremely thankful to have gathered a Facebook community of 8,000 global minds.  Your support means a lot to us and helps us to keep going further with our programs Talentai Lietuvai, LT Big Brother, and We Connect Lithuania to name a few.  As a non-profit and non-governmental organisation run by the enthusiastic team, GLL relies on the generosity of its supporters and network members. Dedicate 2% of your income tax for GLL!  Alternatively, you could contribute to the meaningful deeds by donating HERE. Thank you once again! 

GLL News

Talent for Lithuania

If you know any young Lithuanian who has been looking for career opportunities in Lithuania, invite them to apply for Talent for Lithuania program. It helps internationally experienced recent graduates and junior professionals to kick-start their career in Lithuania. This spring, more than 30 leading companies and social organizations are offering unique career opportunities in various sectors from consulting to innovations. More personal stories from companies, participants and organizers - in article. The application period is open until April 15, 2018,  dream positions and tempting chance to join amazing community of Talent for Lithuania.

We Connect Lithuania

We are glad to announce that We Connect Lithuania program opens 5 additional spots for young people of Lithuanian diaspora!  Share this information with any one  of 16-25 years of age you know, who missed the chance to apply before. The program will offer 6 weeks of immersive professional and volunteering experience in Lithuanian-based companies, leading startups, public sector and social enterprises. The program will enable young Lithuanians to experience the best of the modern, innovative Lithuania, discover their personal roots and contribute to country's development and global success. The registration for the Second Round is open until April 15. Find more information and apply.

LT Big Brother

Global Lithuanian mentorship program LT Big Brother already counts 10 years and opens the next call for mentee applications!  In a decade, LT Big Brother has matched 1,300 pairs of mentors and mentees. This year, the program continues connecting experienced Lithuanian professionals with the junior starters. 200 mentees are going to meet their mentors from global companies like UBER, NIKE, Apple and Bloomberg! In 2009, the program was  initially started by Lithuanian City of London Club and after joining forces with GLL expanded to broader geography – the USA, UK, Benelux, Scandinavia, Lithuania, and the global region. APPLY

Discussion Club Lietuva³

Last Lietuva³ discussion was devoted to fighting corruption, together with Sergejus MuravjovasBirutė Davidonytė, and Rokas Masiulis, the moderator of the discussion Linas Sabaliauskas has come up with following recommendations: 1) more cooperation between socially responsible society and media, resulting in higher awareness and showcasing the problem and its negative consequences; 2) companies, especially those of public sector, should initiate actions internally, set measurable goals and thorough action plans, all of which should be clearly communicated throughout the organisation; 3) public companies should have independent officers, ensuring that all decisions are transparent; 4) salaries of the public servants should be increased as corruption often stems from a lack of income in the first place. Read MORE.

Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals | Topic Update

GLL has decided to follow the progress of ideas charged for action at the Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals and have regular updates on its success.

Fifty Global Professors for Lithuania. Lithuanian Board of Science (LMT – Lietuvos mokslo taryba)  has announced  the call for applications under the most recent program of 20 mln euros for international research projects. Its objective – independent groups of researchers using innovative methodology and aimed at scientific discoveries. Target group –  MTEP researchers with 5 years of global experience presently residing abroad as leaders; researchers of all countries as group members. Timeline – deadline for applications before May 26, 2018; evaluations before September, 2018; project initiation from  November, 2018.

Unicorn valey - diaspora start-up fund and competence hub. After regular on-line meetings and consultations with Lithuanian professional clubs abroad, GLL initiated a number of meetings with experts on risk fund administration and startup market of Lithuania in order to eventually come up with the most feasible and effective concept and format of the fund: Venantas Miškinis, former Government advisor, gave insights on the present market situation; Mindaugas Glodas, co-founder of Nextury Ventures, offered to consider the option of cooperation with  Lithuanian Business Angels Network just recently founded by Gytenis Galkis – next meeting is with him. 

Boost of Lithuanian Regions. GLL, City Alumni, Renkuosi Lietuvą and Association of Lithuanian Municipalities have agreed on cooperation in joint coordination of municipality initiatives engaging global alumni of their regions in building and empowerment of their communities. City Alumni and Global Regions are offered as successful platforms for that. On March 19, the local coordinators were invited for introductory training, and here are photos of the event.

GLL Members

Julius Narkus - People Define Countries

 Julius Narkus, lawyer by education and mentor helping to scale health care startups in Silicon Valey by professional activity, represents young generation of curious and restless impression- and knowledge- seekers spread around the world and especially dense in the Bay Area of California. As lots of fun to be with, he brought to the selfie of the year of Lithuanias centenary the vibrant globals. Now it illustrates his theory on what defines countries. 

Brave girl with entrepreneurial mind Daina Slekys Trout has co-founded the Health Ade Kombucha brand and sells millions of jars with Lithuanian Vytis every month. The curious boy fond of reading Vladas Oleinikovas crushed Cambridge and is pursuing his chemistry PhD at University College of London and Yale, at the same time leading the World Lithuanian Youth Association to new heights.  Self-starter Roberta Pocevičiūtė  became more independent, graduated from MIT and is a life scientist in LA. Disciplined girl Rūta Meilutytė who liked swimming, became an Olympic and world champion, multiple WR holder.

Lithuania might be small. Lithuanian people, however, are big, ambitious, and brave. What defines countries? The people do.


LIETUVA³ Discussion - Save the Date || April 24

GLL in cooperation with Law Firm TRINITI, National Martynas Mažvydas Library and invite to mark April 25 on your calendar and join for one more discussion on the topic of key relevance. Follow GLL FB page for details.

Doing Business in Sweden || April 19 || Stockholm

Conference for those considering business expansion to Sweden. It is meant to be practical, covering the fundamentals of what it takes to do business in Sweden. Learn about financing opportunites, get an overview of how to market your business, hear about the important accounting differences and find out how to approach personnel and cultural questions. Spread the word about it to your business network.

7th Annual Lithuanian Conference on Economic Research and Baltic Economic Conference || June 11-12 || Martynas Mažvydas National Library

Annual event of global Lithuanian researchers in Economics and Finance this year grew to cover all three Baltic states. Read more.   

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