PySpark 2.x : Python Spark HandsOn Training

PySpark 2.x : Python Spark HandsOn Training Available

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Python is Must language for Data Scientists, Business Analytics and Data Engineer. Hence, Apache has to develop and support there most active project in the Python Programming language as well. So PySpark is developed. All professionals who are working on Python programming language do not have to learn a new Programming Language to work with the most active and advanced framework. We have been receiving lot many request for the PySpark training, because of our most successful Spark training in Scala. We decided to work on the PySpark as well and provide better quality training in PySpark. Here, we are very happy to provide this PySpark 2.x HandsOn training to all our professionals who were waiting for this training to be launched. If you are already working in the Python then dont miss this training, this is a must learn technology for you. We provide training in such a easy way to do HandsOn as well as equally having focus on core concept. Please subscribe this training now... If you are looking annual subscription for all the training's and books available with the then visit this page (Annual Subscription). We have more 50000 subscriber across all our product which proves the quality of the material. This training is most useful for following professional or if you have aspirations for the same

  • Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Scientists 

In this training we are focusing on both fundamental concepts as well as Hands on Exercises. We start with the concepts, and than set up the environment using Ubuntu Linux (On Window’s VMWare), same instructions you can follow for Mac OS as well. Once we created the environment we will be covering many Hands On Exercises, which will make you expert for the PySpark. As of now total training length is 6+ Hours. You can watch the above demo sessions as well to check the quality of the training. As you know, Spark 2.x certification also released by Databricks and they have separate certification material for the Python professional. 

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