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I shared this video yesterday to let new and existing email subscribers know that I'd be sharing something right now over here (revealed at the bottom of this email, but I recommend reading about it first...)



Today I'm delighted to share with you the COACHING DECISION TREE. A tool helping:


Business owners to decide which type of coach they need




Coaches to understand what their potential clients are asking before they find them AND how to describe their service.





- Potential coaching clients don't always know what they need or want when they're looking for a coach, but might know what they want solved, and this helps them gain clarity before approaching a specific coach for support  

- The coaching world is growing, and there are a lot of coaches, and we (coaches) need to, as accurately as possible, support our potential clients to know what they're looking for when they find us. This in turn helps coaches to work with only the right clients for them and their expertise, supporting the reputation of the coaching industry as a whole

- Future iterations may include more information about how to choose an accredited coach, where to find them, what a client might ask them when they approach them - empowering clients before even working with a coach

- Nothing like this exists to my knowledge - there is the 'life coaching directory' and similar sites, but nothings specific that answers questions on the exact area clients are struggling with, and in this case, specifically for business

- It starts healthy discussion about the coaching world amongst coaches and clients alike




In essence, it includes:

- Questions business owning clients are likely to be asking when they're looking for a coach

- Over 25 different types of 'coaches' that might be available depending on the questions being asked (inverted commas because that's what they might call themselves but may not actually be coaches...see below)






Don't open this tool expecting there to be these things below - the reason for this is I had to start, and publish, somewhere, sometime, it's already quite a big 'tool', and it is going to be iterative in it's development - which is why I need your thoughts and feedback on it too (see below for how you can provide that)


So, it doesn't include:


- therapy, counselling, mental health services

- coaches related to lifestyle, health, specific careers - this is only business related coaches, and specifically smaller business related topics if we're being even more niche

- whether someone calls themselves a coach but is actually a consultant, mentor, facilitator, trainer or otherwise

- recommendations of which specific coach you should work with once you've worked out their general area/title from the tool

- whether someone should be, or is, accredited or not. For the record, I think every coach should be but there are caveats and this tool doesn't delve into them for the moment.


All of the above is 'at the moment'


This is very much a work in progress and will develop as it's shared and used and commented on.


There is a guide on how to use the tool, but honestly if you're anything like me you'll look at the tool and not bother reading the guide, so I've put the basics in this email and look forward to hearing your thoughts based on this right now.




On the diagram you'll see the grey box with notes - here's a short description of what the instructions say, to help you interpret them too:

*NB = 

1. Check to see if you need a more general business or mindset coach

This means your question hasn't been answered and you may need a more generalist overall business or mindset approach to your business at the moment

2. Check to see if you need one of the specialist options

These are on the third page of the diagram

3. Check the description before the diagram to see if you need something other than a coach

In the instructions there are questions you can ask yourself regarding whether it's a coach you need right now, such as whether you would like someone to help you with your past and not your future, which may mean you need a counsellor; whether you need a non-business related coach right now rather than business focused and whether you need one-to-one support or group, and whether this is coaching, training, facilitation or otherwise




Right now I'm seeking your initial thoughts and how YOU could use it - as someone who might want a coach now or in future OR as a coach yourself.

I'd love you to share these with me on email and I'll collate them. I'll also reply to you as I love talking about this!

PLEASE know though that I appreciate it can't include everything right now, and I'm sure there's more sophisticated ways to present this in an algorithm but right now this is what we've got!


You may have thoughts on:

- Where you'd like to see it

- What YOU would do with it

- How you'd like to see it develop

- Who should see it

- What else it could have IN or OUT of the diagram




Yes but this all can go some way to supporting clients and coaches have brilliant relationships and helping the industry develop with even more integrity and impact than now. If you're not particularly interested in helping the coaching industry, no problem - you may still be interested in knowing you want to find a brilliant coach who can help for your specific problem in future.


Finally...you may wish you share this with other people - please feel free to BUT I would love to know it's being shared alongside the caveats and my email too so THEY TOO can provide their thoughts to help the tree grow healthily and well into the future.


Look forward to hearing your thoughts,


Very best,


Emily x



Surrey, UK

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