Death Wobble.

A new variant cover for Mayfield Eight's final installment.

Hey ,

It's been an incredible journey, but we're now finally on the last leg of Mayfield Eight's lightning-charged saga! I'm starting the artwork on Razor Wire this weekend, and will be shipping this out to the printers come August.

But first, a re-cap of a story that was added as a bonus feature on the back end of Part Four: "Let's Party!" As you might remember, it was the story of a long desert run by the Banshees faithful, assembling in large numbers to go stomp an enemy into the terra! However, witnessed by top-ranking member Gary McClellan, a horrific turn of events happens as a new raw green recruit starts losing control of his bike at 80mph!

Here, in all its colorful glory is my take on that split second when Tiller (the fresh new recruit) has his 'oh shit' moment and -literally- goes off the rails:

This is the first of two variants for Part Six. Next one premiers next Thursday!

Have a great weekend!

(Link to the story Death Wobble itself HERE.)

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