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Welcome to the new decade

I wish you and the loved ones a Happy New year ahead.

I strongly believe that the new decade of 2020s is going to be fantastic in terms of science and technology progress and hopefully some social innovation could happen as well that may help us prepare for shifting towards a new level of complexity, creativity and higher future-ready consciousness.

Look at 2010s to sense 2020s

When looking at the complete list of events since 2010 until 2019, the key message that I am taking away from the 2010s is that the humanity is going on a combined path of both linear progress and cyclic oscillation, a long lasting pattern, which I believe will continue well into the future decades.

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Covering a lot of interdisciplinary ground and climbing numerous conceptual peaks in an often-breathtaking pace – all on merely 101 pages of text – certainly is both one of the perks and perils of engaging with Victor’s book.

While we may not agree with every step Victor suggests and while some of the options presented may confuse or even irritate us, they all require serious consideration on our journey into the future. With Tom Lombardo, another leading futurist who wrote the inspiring preface to Victor’s book, I wish that reading about this journey may “provoke you to take your own constructive actions toward the creation of a positive future and help you to create some new planetary resonances”.

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Dialogue between Thomas Lombardo and Victor V. Motti

One of the most frequently explored and important themes in science fiction is the future evolution of humanity and more broadly the conscious mind -- since in the future the human mind could be transcended by some type of intelligence and mentality beyond our present level. We begin in this YouTube dialogue a series of planned discussions on this provocative area of speculation. We examine "artificial intelligence" and computers/robots with conscious minds. We look at how we might purposefully evolve ourselves biologically and psychologically in the future. Tom discusses the giant brains postulated in Stapledon's Last and First Men and Nat Schachner's Ecco Homo, and the importance of envisioning holistic evolution, rather than simply intellectual evolution. We also discuss theories of consciousness, the mind, the physical world, and the connection of the brain with consciousness. We talk about alien minds/modes of intelligence based on biochemistries and physical forms very different than life on earth. More to come in later episodes.  

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