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April 18, 2020

"You need to read the complete series - what more can I say." - Zak

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On the Homefront

This week, I was scanning through the titles on Amazon Prime and came across 'Sean Bean on Waterloo',  a two-part documentary that I had heard of, but had never had the opportunity to watch. In it, he looks at the battle from the viewpoint of a common soldier, using letters and anecdotes to illustrate what it was like.

If you want an in-depth documentary about the battle, this is NOT the show for you, but if you're wondering what type of damage a musket ball might do or how effective canister shot was, then you might find this of interest. With the help of the modern British army, they fire off some weapons to evaluate their effects. He also corrals some re-enactors to help determine how effective swords were, by using them on a pig carcass. I was fascinated to see that the sabre of the British light cavalry was, in fact, better at inflicting damage than that of the heavy cavalry?

Overall, a fascinating show and one I highly recommend!

The Dawgs and I discussed at great length what would be the best book to share with you this week. They unanimously chose this one, as it features how Tempus came to be at Anna's side just in time to rescue her all those years ago. Well, that and five other stories, but they liked Tempus' the best!

Spoiler alert - Although you can read this as a standalone, it will give you a better experience to read it after Sword of the Crown, book two in the Heir to the Crown series.

All of us in the Bennet household hope you and yours are doing well, and this book gives you a few moments of pleasure in your day! 

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A little secret about the main character in Temple Knight!

When I originally developed the concept for Temple Knight, I had a character in mind, someone called Margaret deShandria. She was a secondary character (NPC) that I had used in an RPG campaign some time ago, and her storyline grew to be quite crucial to the overall plot of the game. This presented a problem for me when I began work on outlining the book since I’d already used the name Margaret for a rather central character in the Heir to the Crown series, namely the older sister to Princess Anna.

Now, you might think that naming a character is easy, but let me tell you it’s not. I searched through all kinds of websites looking for a name that would give the right ‘feel’ to the character, including some fascinating random name generators, but nothing seemed to work. It was actually Carol that came up with the name Charlaine, and I immediately liked it, as it conjured forth the image of Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great.

That’s not to say that Charlaine is destined to become queen, far from it, she is a Temple Knight, dedicated to the service of Saint Agnes. However, she is destined to become a great warrior and leader of others, and so the name stuck. It’s now hard to think of her any other way, such are the ways of writing!

Speaking of names, I also had to name all the sisters of her order, and there are quite a few, so THAT was also difficult!

Some even take on a life of their own, driving the storyline in unexpected directions. In my Heir to the Crown series, Albreda was initially intended to be a very secondary character, but I had so much fun writing her that I couldn’t let her disappear into the dustbin of history. Now, she even has her own origin story!

I mention this because, as I continue to work on Temple Knight, the characters are starting to come alive. I can’t just let them disappear once the story is done, so you can expect to see more of them in the future.

I am returning to my by-weekly Facebook Live sessions starting Monday, April 27th, and I would love to have some questions beforehand. Please take a moment and ask me a question below.

Paul's Movie Pick of the Week!

With more free time than I am used to having, I have been watching some rather eclectic movies of late, so I thought I would share some hidden gems I have come across recently. Here is this weeks!

Known in the US as 'Immortal Battalion', 'The Way Ahead' is a 1944 British production that essentially rewrote a 1943 training film to make it into a commercial release. It follows a group of British civilians who are conscripted into the Army. Headed by David Niven (who also acted as Executive Producer), it also stars Stanley Holloway (who later played Alfred Doolittle in My Fair Lady) and William Hartnell (who would eventually become the first Doctor Who). The script was written by Eric Ambler and Peter Ustinov, (who played a minor character in the movie and went on to a very successful movie career after the war) and was a commercial success when it was released in 1944.

The story picks up just after the Dunkirk evacuation and concerns the new recruits who are assigned to the Duke of Glendon's Light Infantry, a fictional unit. After their training, which consumed a significant part of the movie, they are shipped out to Africa. There are troubles along the way, but they eventually find themselves guarding a small town in North Africa when the Germans attack.

This movie does an excellent job of illustrating the 'pluck and courage' typical in this type of film, a far cry from the 'heroic' images that Hollywood prefers. I highly recommend it.

Work in Progress Update

I am now almost 2/3 the way through Temple Knight, and the story is progressing well. In addition, Carol has already begun the editing process, and although there are small changes to be made, she likes the story immensely. As expected, I will have to rewrite some details, since the secondary characters have evolved since their inception, but I don't expect that to take too long. A map will also be needed (several, in fact), and so I'll be spending a portion of my time next week making the mockups that Carol will later illustrate.

From her first read (she reads it 4 times!), she's asked for more details about each knight, so I find myself scouring the Internet looking for pictures that might assist me in the writing of the descriptions. Temple Knight, the first book in the Power Ascending series, has a lot of women central to the plot. This is not surprising, considering it's about the Temple Knights of Saint Agnes, but each needs to be unique in their own way and giving them each some sort of distinctive mark helps the reader connect with them.

Once this is complete, I'm off to write the last 1/3 of the book, and Carol says we are still on track for a late spring release (think June!)

Until next time, Happy reading!

Author Spotlight!

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The Forbidden Warriors: Four teams - single quest - one winner - epic fights with a multitude of emotions. Which faction would you belong to?

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The mission is not easy, their goals are not aligned, and the truth is far bigger than they could have imagined.

Guardian of Magic: Captured.  Tortured.  Persecuted.
Sienna isn't sure how much longer she can hang on to the shred of humanity left within her. Not when her only chance at escape would be to destroy what is left of her soul. 

Daxon is hell-bent on tearing apart the realm in order to find the Sage who has saved his life more times than he can count. But Daxon is forced to confront the very real possibility that they may never recover the Sienna they once knew. 

As these two fight to find their way back to each other, they are faced with decisions that will determine the fate of the realm, and all those who live within it.

The Missing Shield: 6 books in 1! If you are looking for your next fix of high epic fantasy then read on…

When the Guardians of the Nine Realms awaken, erased are the days when they could call themselves invincible immortals. 

Meanwhile, when Princess Iambre’s childhood friend and ‘life-shield’, Solancei, vanishes during a visit to an allied stronghold, Iambre is forced to acknowledge that Solancei’s disappearance could cost them both everything. 

Entangled in a conspiracy, unsure whom to trust, Iambre will risk it all to save her friend. But will she be able?

Issaura's Claws: According to legend, when the world was young, the goddess Issaura appeared among men. Those who treated her with kindness received the gift of the gods—the ability to transform into an animal form. This was a great honor but one that separated this race from other humans. Before Issaura departed the mortal realm, she promised to return if her people were ever at the point of destruction.

Now a threat is rising from a land across the mists of the ocean, a threat that will push this race to the brink of extinction. Responding to the call to war, seventeen-year-old Lluava heads off to find her destiny, one that will carve her name in history.

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