Guyanese Online NEWS ARTICLES: October 06-11, 2019

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News and Feature Items: October 06-11, 2019 


“APNU is not against cash grants” from oil revenues but more information needed – Granger

Guyana Politics: Toshao Chairman upbraids Opposition for disrespecting President Granger

Guyana Politics: Former Minister of State Joseph Harmon applies to give up USA citizenship:

Guyana Politics: Linden Visit by Chris Gayle… `I am apolitical’ says Chris Gayle

Cash Transfers from Oil Revenues are Not A Magic Bullet – By Tara Patricia Cookson

Guyana Politics: Toshaos’ Conference becomes ‘battleground’ for political parties

Guyana Politics: We have not been idle! More work to do… give us the chance! – President Granger.

Guyana: There is a shortage of US dollars in the streets: Selling price to over $230.

Aviation: Qatar to the Rescue – Guyana signs Aviation agreement with Qatar

Climate change report: Guyana has to safeguard against increased flooding


Trinidad Police Rescue 69 People from “Modern-Day Slavery” at Church Facility

Trinidad: Airport arrival misery to end in 2020: By elimination of arrival forms

David Jessop | Relating To A Much-Changed Europe and the Caribbean

Cricket: CPL: Guyana’s Warriors defeat Barbados’ Tridents to qualify for finals


US Immigration: Guyanese among 500 picked up by ICE in last five days

OPINION: Dear Ellen: The Problem With George W. Bush Is Not His Beliefs — It’s His War Crimes

“Globalism”: which U.S. President Donald Trump criticizes is a double-edged sword – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Professor who predicted last 9 presidential elections says Trump will win in 2020

Opinion: The Real Reason for Trump’s Meltdowns – By Paul Brandus | MarketWatch


Infographic | Visualizing Global Attitudes Towards Retirement

The History of the World, in One Video – By Visual Capitalist

We’ve already uncovered the key to long-term happiness and fulfillment.- By Patrick Ewers

The Writer’s Life: Juggling Priorities – By Rosaliene Bacchus


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