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Introducing SocialWatt
A Horizon 2020 project fighting energy poverty

SocialWatt is a Horizon 2020 energy efficiency project, aiming at connecting obligated parties under Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) across Europe to adopt innovative schemes towards energy poverty alleviation. It started in September 2019 and has a duration of 36 months. 

SocialWatt aims to enable utilities and energy suppliers across Europe to develop, adopt, test and spread innovative schemes to alleviate energy poverty. The appropriate tools developed within the framework of SocialWatt aim to enable utilities and energy suppliers effectively identify energy poor households, as well as develop and monitor schemes that focus on increasing the energy efficiency of these houses.

SocialWatt Report
Status Quo of Energy Poverty in the EU

This report presents definitions and indicators currently available to measure energy poverty at European and Member State level, studies on the national contexts for each of the SocialWatt countries and a range of good practice examples that illustrate different approaches taken to alleviate energy poverty.

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Interactive Map

Discover the interactive map developed within the framework of SocialWatt, presenting: (a) energy poverty definitions and indicators; (b) policies and Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes under Article 7 of the EED.

Dynamic Visualisation

See the dynamic SocialWatt visualisation of data collected from 2006 to 2018 (Source: Energy Poverty Observatory / Eurostat) on: (a) arrears on utility bills; (b) inability to keep home adequately warm; (c) presence of leak, damp, rot.

    SocialWatt at the CoM Investment Forum – Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place

    18-19 February 2020Brussels, Belgium

    ICCS and IEECP participated in the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) Investment Forum-Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place. This is the biggest event of its kind in Europe, showcasing successful projects on financing climate adaptation, energy efficiency, clean mobility and innovative energy planning, as well as initiatives working across Europe to facilitate the market for climate and sustainable energy finance. ICCS and IEECP presented SocialWatt, its objectives, and planned activities, along with insights on the status quo of energy poverty in Europe, the SocialWatt tools being developed and examples of innovative schemes being considered.

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    15 February 2020

    Hellenic Parliament TV- Energy Poverty

    IEECP participated in a discussion on energy poverty and the current situation in Greece and other EU Member States, that took place during an informative broadcast at the Hellenic Parliament TV channel. SocialWatt was presented, along with other programmes and projects, with an emphasis on the SocialWatt tools that are being developed to support utilities, as well as planned activities that aim to build utilities capacity, help them identify energy poor customers and ​design and implement schemes to alleviate energy poverty.

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    The SocialWatt project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 845905.

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