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With so much FUN & B.H.A.G. planning going on, this FIRECRACKER has gotta keep remembering to BREATHE to keep cool & avoid wiping out! Dunking myself in the big blue calms me down, creates FLOW & nurtures me in so many other ways. So, if you have surfing, snorkelling or swimming on your To-Do list, CARPE DIEM and let's have a salty meet-up soon πŸ’¦

In the meantime, here's the latest FUN, NETWORKING & SOUL-FOOD opportunities coming up in the Barbarella GALAXY...


DEC 12 (AM): VOGUE Flash Mob at the Icebergs in celebration of Vogue Australia's 60th birthday.. Register HERE and start practicing your best Vogue poses! 

DEC 13 (AM) - Bx Networking Bondi Breakfast  - SCHMOOZE & pick up some juicy leads while enjoying a delicious feed.

DEC 13 (PM) - Rainbow Tribe Moonbrow Full Moon Party

DEC 14 (AM) - One Wave Fluoro Friday BBQ - the Bondi tribe are hosting a BBQ at Tamarama from 9am. Bring your board, snags, fluoro gear & loving vibes ...remember, it's ok to not be ok.

DEC 17 (PM) - Bondi Innovation Alliance Christmas Party. With some mind-boggling changes ahead, find out how to position yourself for the best growth opportunities in the decade ahead. A BOOGIE & SCHMOOZING is also high on Barbarella's agenda for this event!

GET READY for 2020 NOW!
πŸ’ŽIf your LinkedIn profile is looking tired, Barbarella would LOVE to support you with a quick SHINE so you can look your very best to new connections & AMPLIFY your brand or purpose.
πŸš€Wanna launch a new a business / product, or keen to collaborate on an event based on the themes of sustainability, self-nurturing or something you're PASSIONATE about? Get in touch with Barbarella ASAP to discuss!

Huge thanks to those of you who have compassionately supported me through the last turbulent yet enlightening chapter of Barbarella GROWTH πŸ™πŸ½

Barbarella is taking a break to recharge from Dec 28-Jan 4.  Wishing you a big loving heap of ABUNDANCE, COURAGE, PROSPERITY & VITALITY as we venture forward into a new decade.

πŸ’™ FEAR will stop you loving...LOVE will stop your fears πŸ’™
(YANG pic courtesy of Candice Epthorp Photography)

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