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EKA’s international 2018 Tallinn Summer Academy invites you to participate!

In August 2018, the Estonian Academy of Arts is organising its second international summer academy under the title Tallinn Summer Academy of Art, Design and Architecture – Presence & Possibilities. The programme will offer courses in various visual culture research and artistic disciplines, with a focus on innovative, solution-seeking and salient topics. The summer academy is organised by the EKA Open Academy.

The 2018 Tallinn Summer Academy programme includes:


Clay 3D Printing

Numbers and Cognition in Urban Environment

The Contemporary Art Field in Estonia

Flooded Summer School

Short Photography and Image-making course

How to Develop User Experience (UX) as a Key Component of Branding

The Anatomy of Couture

Wood and Design

Interaction Design Tomorrow


Registration is open until 6 May!

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Apply for international MA programmes – deadline 3 May!

Come on in – we look forward to seeing you in the new EKA building this autumn.

The Animation master’s programme trains animation directors who will give their films their final form, style, rhythm, breathing and, if lucky, that certain something that makes a good film excellent.

Urban Studies focuses on research. In this programme, students investigate the functioning of a modern city from the perspective of its various users, important participants, decision-makers and planners, create strategies for the future and look for new ways to implement them.

The Interaction Design programme proceeds from the advances in smart technology that have created an increased demand for well-designed intuitive user experiences. The objective of the interaction designer is to make the user’s contact with the artificial world as simple and pleasant as possible.

The Contemporary Art programme offers a well-rounded and multifaceted approach to learning. Contemporary art, criticism and theory, author-based architecture, innovative and skill-based design, animation and stage art, curatorial practices are combined for thorough interdisciplinary studies. Here, you can be part of making something that really matters.

Design & Crafts MA programme prepares students for professional practice and helps them identify their own positions as artists — within their communities, society, design field, global economy, natural environment and other contexts. The programme provides students with as many real-world, hands-on situations as possible by giving them access to practising professionals and diverse opportunities.

The Interior Architecture programme is based on the principle that a set of design skills, in the narrow sense of the term, is not sufficient for interior architects to be successful in their profession. They also need to understand the broader context and be able to adjust their solutions to changing situations.

Design and Technology Futures is offered jointly by the Estonian Academy of Arts and Tallinn University of Technology. The cross-disciplinary programme merges technological competence with design skills. The aim of the curriculum is to prepare students for design-led innovation, possible only through interdisciplinary cooperation. The programme is focused on how to deal with complex problems and develop value-creating concepts.

Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies is a interdisciplinary programme that is run in collaboration with Tallinn University. Students engage in the broad interdisciplinary study of the relationship between literature, visual culture and film in contemporary and historical contexts. The individual approach to students provides a supportive learning environment and offers them the opportunity to follow personal research interests from the very beginning.

More info on EKA’s international master’s programmes

EKA Chamber Choir awarded 2nd place in its category at the Estonian Chamber Choir Festival

On 13–15 April, the Estonian Academy of Arts Chamber Choir participated in the 14th Estonian Chamber Choir Festival. The choir’s programme included Erkki-Sven Tüür’s ‘Kui vaikivad päevased tuuled’, Veljo Tormis’s ‘Kiigelaul’, Gyorgy Orban’s ‘Daemon irrepit Callidus’ and Kaj-Erik Gustafsson’s ‘Aavistus’. The choir was awarded 2nd place in the B category, a special prize for the best programme and an opportunity to perform, together with the ITL Mixed Choir, for the Estonian Chamber Choir Union’s concert series For the Listener. Competitors in the same category included the Encore Chamber Choir, ERKI Chamber Choir, SoLeMiJo Chamber Choir, Rae Chamber Choir, Räpina Chamber Choir and Viljandi County Chamber Choir.

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How to join the choir?

New exhibition space in Tartu: Kogo Gallery


Viewing and Reading Room, the opening event of Kogo Gallery, will present the gallery’s programme for this year and introduce the space and artists, most of whom are EKA members. All the artists who are participating at the opening show will prepare an individual or two-person exhibition at the gallery. The opening of the gallery and exhibition will take place on 26 April. The exhibition will run until 5 May.

Participating artists:

  • Alexei Gordin, graduate of the EKA Chair of Painting and winner of the 2017 Young Painter Prize
  • Diana Tamane
  • Elīna Vītola
  • Kristi Kongi, Associate Professor at the EKA Chair of Painting
  • Mari-Leen Kiipli, graduate of the EKA Department of Photography
  • Eva Mustonen, master’s student at the EKA Chair of Installation and Sculpture
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Danish stage designer and lecturer Carsten Burke Kristensen visiting EKA

Carsten Burke Kristensen

Last week, Carsten Burke Kristensen gave the ‘Performativity and Performance Design in Theory and Practice’ workshop at the EKA Department of Scenography. The workshop analysed performativity from the phenomenological and constructivist perspective, taking Hansel and Gretel as a starting point and focusing on colours and food in particular.

Carsten Burke Kristensen is a Danish stage designer and lecturer with a master’s degree from the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London.


The Good Teaching Seminar asks: how to overcome stressful situations in academic work?

All teaching staff members have faced stressful teaching situations – disagreements regarding academic work or its assessment can escalate and be difficult to resolve alone.

This seminar addresses such real-life incidents and discusses how EKA teaching staff members have managed to overcome these situations.

The seminar will be supervised by adult educator and communication coach Kadri Kõiv (MBA) and EKA psychologist Kaia-Leena Pino.

In order to participate, please sign up by 26 April.

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Last week of Nerves, an exhibition by Urmas Puhkan, Professor at the EKA Department of Ceramics

Detail from Nerves, an installation by Urmas Puhkan

Nerves, a solo exhibition by Urmas Puhkan, Professor and Head of the EKA Department of Ceramics, is inspired by tension in society – the vibrations of nervousness that he finds impossible to ignore. Like the artist says, “Nerves are on edge.” In the exhibition space, with the help of a 3D-pencil, Puhkan has created a clay environment in which a fragile field of lines depicting everyday relations appears.

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Corpora, an exhibition by Siiri Jüris and Triin Marts at EKA Gallery

Siiri Jüris and Triin Marts’s Corpora exhibition focuses on material and its multiplicity, the insubordination of the living and organic. Corporeality and the presence of material remind us of its presence and demands our attention. It refuses to stay in the province of not being realised or secondary to thought. Nor does it want to be subordinated by different classifications, distinctions or rapid solutions that allow controlling, refreshing, improving or reprogramming.

The exhibition will run until 5 May.

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Holes, a solo show by Flo Kasearu at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery

Holes, a personal exhibition by Flo Kasearu, alumna of the EKA Department of Photography, consists of two videos and a series of displays. The videos, De(fence) (2014) and Korean Garden (2016/2018), document two international exchange projects that the artist initiated at her eponymous house museum (Flo Kasearu House Museum, 2013–ongoing).

The exhibition will open on Wednesday 25 April at 19:00 at Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (Lastekodu 1).

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Second coming of smocks

101 Smocks and Aprons, an exhibition by EKA fashion students, is open at the Saaremaa Department Store.

“The exhibition is a journey to a time when there were smocks for every occasion. A festive smock, a work smock, a smock for making soup and also a smock for bringing firewood from the shed. It was such a practical and universal garment that it basically covered most of what one needed to wear,” according to the local Meie Maa newspaper.

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EKA Department of Fashion Design at the Estonian Colour Blue exhibition at Pärnu Museum

The exhibition brings together fashion, nature and cultural heritage. It is based on the traditional motives of Estonian folk costumes. The works reflect the designers’ original interpretations of Estonianhood, the development of Estonian fashion culture and its connections with nature.

Participating artists: Edvard Hiietam, Külli-Triin Laanet, Karita Kärmet, Hannes Rüütel, Kreet Kärner, Nele Kurvits, Andreas Kübar, Eliise Saar (2nd year BA students) and Kadi Adrikorn (2nd year MA student)

The exhibition will run until 26 May.

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Katrin Kabun’s Archaically High Tech exhibition at Hop Gallery

The objective of the exhibition is to draw the attention of gallery-goers to lambswool, an underused renewable resource with special properties.

Katrin Kabun is a doctoral student at EKA, and she is looking for ways in her design research to use lambswool as a valuable renewable resource. She has previously defended a master’s degree at EKA on waste wool with a focus on creating a biodegradable composite material that is based on renewable resources. For her master’s project, she was awarded the EKA Young Applied Artist Prize.

The exhibition will run until 30 April.

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Many EKA alumni taking part in the Estonian Sculptors Union’s 100 Sculptures exhibition

Philosopher (1980) by Edgar Viies (1931–2006), aluminium

The Estonian Sculptors Union’s exhibition displays 100 works by 100 Estonian sculptors – one piece per artist. Works from 67 living artists and 33 late masters have been chosen for the show: as such, 100 Sculptures is an intriguing overview of our history of sculpture.

The exhibition will run until 2 June.

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The best contemporary art from Estonia and EKA featured at the Köler Prize exhibition of nominees

Nominees for the Köler Prize 2018 are Anna Škodenko (teaching staff member at the EKA Chair of Painting), Holger Loodus (Workshop Master at the Chair of Painting), Taavi Talve (Head of the Chair of Installation and Sculpture, Associate Professor), and EKA graduates Tanja Muravskaja and Tarvo Varres.

The exhibition will run until 20 May.

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Mihkel Ilus continues his monochrome painting quest at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen

Detail from the Stick It on Your Wall exhibition at Hobusepea Gallery, 2017. Photo: Johannes Säre

On 13 April, Mihkel Ilus, a painter and Workshop Master at the EKA Chair of Painting, opened his personal exhibition titled How Else Can I Put It at Hordaland Kunstsenter in Bergen, Norway. The exhibition displays Mihkel Ilus’s search for new ways to create paintings out of canvas, oil and wood. How Else Can I Put It is co-produced by Tallinn Art Hall and Hordaland Kunstsenter and curated by Siim Preiman.

The exhibition will run until 3 June.

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EKA students of animation at Fest Anča 2018

A still from Gaia, an animation by Jass Kaselaan

The Fest Anča International Animation Festival will take place on 28 June–1 July at Žilina, Slovakia. This year, six EKA student animations were chosen for the festival programme:

Nicolás Petelski Mesón’s A Table Game

Jass Kaselaan’s Gaia

Sander Joon’s Moulinet

Äggie Pak Yee Lee’s Muteum

Leonid Shmelkov’s Pearlfall

Ester Sall and Ottomar Sukko’s The Animals

More info about the festival

Teele Strauss and Nicolás Petelski Mesón’s films at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film

A still from Once in The Fields of Boredom by Teele Strauss

The Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film is taking place on 24–29 April in Stuttgart, Germany. Teele Strauss’s Once in The Fields of Boredom and Nicolás Petelski Mesón’s A Table Game from EKA Department of Animation were chosen for this year’s programme.

More info about the festival

Annika Kiidron’s work featured in an international textile publication

Small steps lead to big things! Annika Kiidron, a master’s student at the Department of Fashion, participated in a one-month digital knitting course in Bergen and the resulting fabric, which is viewable with 3D glasses, has now been included in Construction & Context, a book that documents the works of young textile artists.

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EKA Applied Research and Development Projects Competition

The EKA Department of Research and Development, in conjunction with the Tallinn City Enterprise Department, is organising the Applied Research and Development Projects Competition, which will award three prizes:

  • a prize of 800 euros for the work with the most outstanding economic effects with regard to generating benefits for one or more companies or institutions
  • a prize of 800 euros for the work with the most outstanding potential with regard to bettering social well-being and/or the living environment
  • a special prize of 600 euros that will be awarded in either category to a worthy runner-up

The competition deadline is 6 September!

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New courses at the EKA Open Academy

Blogging with Freeware

22–24 May, supervised by Eva Labotkin

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Triik’s Painting Camp with Tiit Pääsuke

30 July–3 August, supervised by Tiit Pääsuke

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Art Saturday: Clean and Draw

5 May, supervised by Allan Kukk

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Quick Course in Contemporary Painting

15 May–12 June, supervised by Holger Loodus

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Drawing at the Botanical Garden. Horticultural Wonders

16–28 May, supervised by Ülle Marks

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