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I'm so thrilled to announce that FALLING FOR JORDAN, my follow-up to EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED, will be coming on September 18.

I can't wait for you to meet Dr. Addison Rowe, Harlow's colleague, who shares her Manhattan office, and Justin O'Halloran, a young building contractor she meets during karaoke night.

I'd originally planned on writing Sawyer's story next (he was one of the Villier brothers who lived closest to the Pearl) but Dr. Rowe had a story to tell first so what's a writer to do? 

I've included a bit of the first chapter and I hope you enjoy it. 

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“There’s someone outside to see you, Dr. Rowe,” Kathy Pleschette, my office manager says as she stands by my office door. “He says you’ll know what it’s about.”

I look up from the patient file I’m reviewing, too immersed in the details to process what Kathy just said. It’s my first day back seeing patients and I’m tired. There’s also a reporter from Hamptons Live who refuses to leave me alone even though I’ve told her I wasn’t interested in being interviewed for her article. But I couldn’t blame her. Whose bright idea was it to lie anyway?

Oh, that’s right. Me.

“Does he have an appointment?” I ask as I close the file in front of me and hand it to her.

Kathy is a tall slim woman of sixty-four although you’d never know it. She looks at least ten years younger. She’s a spitfire of an office manager and if she’d ever bring up retiring, I’d probably be the first to beg her to reconsider. She knows the business of running a medical office inside and out, from scheduling to making sure everyone gets paid.

“No,” Kathy replies. “But he says you’ll know what it’s about. His name’s Jordan O’Halloran.”

I must have turned pale for Kathy’s eyes narrow and she shuts the door behind her. “Do you know him? Would you rather I send him away?” 

“No… it’s just that I haven’t…” I pause, sighing. “Well, actually, of course, I know him. I do.”

Kathy eyes me suspiciously. “You sound like you’re trying to convince yourself that you know him. Are you sure you want to see him? Because I can send him away.”

I close the programs on my laptop, hoping she doesn’t notice my hands are shaking. “No, no, Kathy. I’m fine. I was actually expecting him, just not here or now, for that matter. This last case is pretty complicated and I wish Dr. James were here so we could discuss a few things.”

Dr. James is Harlow James who still shares an office with me although she only flies in every few months from Taos, New Mexico, stays for a month to consult with patients and then flies back. A colleague is filling in to cover her patient load while she decides whether to return to her practice full time although chances of that are pretty slim. Being a mother is on top of her list at the moment and I don’t blame her. She went through numerous unsuccessful in-vitro attempts and one stillbirth before finally having the twins without any help at all. All she had to do was leave New York and meet a man with the perfect sperm count who just happened to love her completely. Too bad there’s only one Dax Drexel running around and he’s taken. He’s the only woodworker I know to have creations gracing Hamptons estates, Montana ski lodges and Swiss chateaus. He even has a flagship store on Seventh Avenue.

How I wish I had her luck with that man. I haven’t had any since Kevin and I split up almost two years ago. Our excuse was pretty simple: we were both too engrossed in our careers with me as a transplant physician and him as a litigator. It didn’t help that our relationship had been encouraged mostly by our families ever since we were kids. But just because we got along as friends with benefits didn’t mean he was exactly good boyfriend material. And with my crazy schedule, I wasn’t good girlfriend material either. We made it work the best we could but I had to draw the line somewhere and it was sex. While I found myself wishing he was more adventurous, he wanted me to be less demanding. But should sex be just missionary all the time and the rare doggy style? Shouldn’t there be more on the menu? Was it normal to have a better relationship with my vibrator than with my boyfriend? After two years, I realized I couldn’t go on in a relationship that had me bored to tears in the bedroom even if everyone thought we were the cutest couple they’d ever seen. Screw that. Cute didn’t turn me on. Give me rough. Give me rugged. Hell, give me anything but cute.

“I can call Dr. James today and tell her to look into patient's file for you. I just took care of her flight arrangements for next week,” Kathy says as I force my thoughts back to the present.

“Sure, that would be great, Kathy.” I get up from my chair. “Anyway, you can send him in in about five minutes.”

As Kathy shuts the door behind her, I let out a deep breath. My heart is racing and I’m trembling. Why is he here, and why now? I texted him a year ago; not too many that it would make it appear that I was stalking him, and not too few to make it appear like I didn’t care. Just two messages asking if we could meet and talk. His answer was brief—and two weeks late.

Jordan: I can’t right now. Is something wrong?

Addison: I can’t say it over the phone but I need to talk to you.

He never texted me back after that. And after a woman answered his phone when I finally summed up the courage to call him a few days later, I didn’t bother. I can never forget the fear that hit me then.

What if he was married?

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