National Novel Writing Month, Cover Reveal Next Month!, and Book Recs

Hello and Happy November!

It’s National Novel Writing Month! (aka NaNoWriMo)

I once thought of this as a ridiculous activity and then walked back over my ignorance as I learned more about it and saw the beauty and fun of it. The goal is to draft 50k words of a novel during the month of November. Do they have to be beautiful words? No, they do not. It’s such a great time of solidarity in the communal goal to make PROGRESS in a story. “Back in the day,” to WIN NaNoWriMo you had to make the goal of 50k words. And that is still the technical goal when you log your words on the NaNoWriMo site, but I’ve also learned there are many other writers out there like me who make NaNo work for themselves. In my case, it was knowing my limits. The most words I’ve ever written during NaNo is 43,047 words. Oh wait, JUST KIDDING. That is my TOTAL word count over the course of FIVE NaNoWriMo’s. Hahahahahaha. (Seriously, I write so slowly that even my cumulative word count hasn’t won, yet!)

Oh wait, JUST KIDDING. That is my TOTAL word count over the course of FIVE NaNoWriMo’s. Hahahahahaha. (Seriously, I write so slowly that even my cumulative word count hasn’t won, yet!)

But, good things have always come out of the event! All I’m Asking, releasing next March, 2022, was part of my NaNo project in 2019. My random title for it back then was “The Fizz and Sugar Book Club,” and I managed almost 17k words--my actual most ever words in a single NaNo. 😎

I’m not participating this year, but I am writing. (Maybe my goal should be 7k so I can finally “sort” of win?) It’s sporadic because I’m putting a lot of energy into launching All I’m Asking, but I’m always so happy when writing is part of my daily routine, so my goal this month is to find the balance to keep it in there.

ARCs! (Advanced Reader Copies)

Things are falling into place with the production of All I’m Asking! Because you are a newsletter subscriber, YOU will get a first look at the cover next month! I can’t wait for you to see it. The cover design is still in production, but I’ve seen some early drafts and it’s looking beautiful!

Also, I am looking for a few early readers. If you are someone who reviews books (on your blog, Instagram, or with Goodreads/Amazon/Barnes & Noble etc), please apply for a digital ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) of All I’m Asking. ARCs will be available late December/early January.

Need a Couple of Books to Read?

Books to add to your list or bump up your list: (Also, for a hot second I thought about changing the lists below into recipe metaphors so I could call this section “Book Rec-ipes” because wouldn’t that be a fun name? Except, it was coming out too cheesy and did I really want to make up cooking terms for every single book rec in the future?)

The Tiger Mom’s Tale - Lyn Liao Butler

Cover of The Tiger Mom's Tale
  • Dual settings - New York and Taiwan
  • Complicated family relationships (one of my favorite things)
  • Characters to love and relate to
  • Food!
  • A light dash of romance

The Rules of Arrangement - Anisha Bhatia

Cover of The Rules of Arrangement
  • Smart professional (MC) who doesn’t have to prove herself to co-workers
  • Plus-sized MC who isn’t trying to lose weight (hallelujah!)
  • Mumbai setting steeped in Punjabi culture and norms
  • Independent while still trying to conform for the sake of family
  • Side-story romance with a fabulous love interest

In the United States, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For some (many?), it’s a complicated holiday on various levels. May you all be gentle with yourselves and others and find peace--and hopefully joy with loved ones. <3

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