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“Anytime you need a friend, I will be here. You'll never be alone again, so don't you fear." - Mariah Carey

Hi ,

How are you doing this week?

I couldn't resist a Mariah reference - if you didn't know, I'm a bit of a fan. Seriously though, what a great song, great words, words to live by even...?

This week, I'm getting personal. I have felt so lonely this past week, I can't begin to tell you. Ironically, its been a busy week with social engagements AND I saw an actual friend but still felt lonely and it has made me a little sad.

Working for yourself and being a mama means that you tend to see less people than when you were footloose and fancy free with a full office to see every day. I know it's a product of my own making to some extent but also, the freedom that I now have to actually enjoy life is so much worth it. However, if I'm not putting that freedom to good use, what's the point?

We moved house to be closer to family and friends. So far, I have seen a few cousins at a random BBQ and quite frankly, a little too much of my mum - where I feel myself regressing into teenage strops that my husband really doesn't need to see 🤣. I saw a friend at her salon when I went for a wax. I passed through on a friend's birthday BBQ, I went to a friend's 40th and I went to an ex-bosses' leaving drinks. All in all, shouldn't be lonely. However, these were all obligations. Not a real opportunity for connection and true meaningful catching up with friends. Yesterday, after I spent the morning cleaning the house etc I went to pick up my son from mum's, popped him to bed, it was 7.30 and all I wanted was a friend to come round for a gin and just chill. 

My day finishes around 7pm each day and I am a prisoner in my home. My husband works shifts so I can't socialise with him and to be honest, I like variety. I wanted to call some of my friends to suggest coming over but they either have kids so are in the same position or I've invited them over so many times that it's starting to feel like I'm begging them to come over. Then I boarded my spiral of despair at the loneliness and was trying to think of ways to manage it. One friend even said that she wasn't free until September!!! What happened to spontaneity? Then I thought, perhaps it's me, maybe they don't want to spend time with me..? Of course I got myself out of it and rationalised the situation. There are many factors, I know, but I just wish we could all put in just that little bit more effort to see each other more regularly.

This all inspired this week's blog How to Overcome Loneliness - Tips for Singles and Parents - I'll definitely be putting some of this into practice moving forward, it's time to take control of the situation if I want it to change.

If you have any more tips, please let me know!

Have a fab week and look out for a FLASH SALE I'm doing this week for a few places at the Frankly Unstoppable Retreat in Spain!

Lots of love

Puja x


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I'm here for you hun.  Lots of love xx

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