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MARCH IS HERE!!! You know what that means, right?

LOVE ME SOME COWBOYS is going, going, gone forever!!!

This wonderful–and much loved (as per the 500+ 5-star ratings)–box set was conceived in June of 2022 during a Zoom meeting with a group of author friends discussing a new way of marketing our books: trope-based multi-author anthologies.

As romance authors, we all have our favorite tropes (the recognizable theme behind the story: cowboys, secret babies, billionaires, reunion, second-chance, etc.). And for seven of us, our first choice was COWBOYS.

Our cover was an instant hit that knocked it out of the park. Thank you, Adrienne Glendenning Smith!

Day Leclaire suggested we add our own flavor of branding: snark. You should have heard us laughing as the ideas percolated. We picked:
“Because ‘Save a horse, ride a cowboy’ was too many words.”

Our cowboys are witty, kind, charming, and oh-so sexy. Here are some fun snippets. See if you can match the hero to the book title.

1. Nikki’s soft, white hands hadn’t seen a lick of work since the day she’d tumbled into this world. She’d be about as useful on a ranch as a silk-covered saddle.

2. "Damn it, lady—don't you have a lick of sense? You don't ever get between a cow and her calf unless you're itching to get hurt."

3. Too bad he couldn’t charge ahead as he had almost five years ago and sweep her off her feet. He almost laughed as he opened the heavy wooden door. He had as much chance of sweeping Lisa off her feet as he did of flying to the moon.

4. “I know perfectly well how to ride, Mr. Buxton.”
    “I'm not talking equestrian jumps that a poodle could land at the country club.”

5. "Woman, you are such a bad liar. Don't ever try it professionally."

6. "Don't worry about hurtin' the Duchess' feelings whenever you want to stop. She's what a friend of mine calls a love sponge. If she decides she likes you, you have to be the one to call a halt."

7. “It’s hard to believe you’ve never been on a horse.”
    “I’ve spent more time in the city than out in the country.”
    “Even cities have riding stables.”

Grab this 7-book box set for only 99¢ before it's gone forever here.

NOW…about that “new” I mentioned in the subject line…we have a new title and cover for our “Secret Baby” box set. (Another venerable and beloved romance trope.)


Updated blurb:

Secrets have a way of catching up with you, but so does love.

Life-changing secrets may not come to light for years. When they’re revealed, lives are forever altered. The truth may bring pain, but the power of love can heal the deepest of hurts. Come experience these emotional stories you will take to your heart and never forget.

Draco’s Marriage Pact - Day Leclaire
Draco is reluctant to trap Shayla in an unwanted marriage, but he’s just learned that she’s bearing his child. She agrees to marry him, but insists their union will end after their child his born. How can Draco convince her to stay?

A Daddy for Nate - Karen Sandler
When Jameson leaves prison and returns to Hart Valley, he’s shocked to discover that he and Nina have a son. After the years of tragedy and personal sacrifice that separated them, is it too late to recapture their love?

Never Say Never - Debra Salonen
Lisa broke Joe’s heart when she left him for his twin brother seventeen years ago. Now Joe’s back in town and discovers that he may be the father of Lisa’s troubled son. He and Lisa can work together as parents, but can they reignite the love they once felt for each other?

The Daughter He Never Knew - Linda Barrett
When Jason returns, Lila wants no part of him. He owned her heart years ago but vanished when she needed him most. He still stirs her emotions. She knows he could easily break her heart again. But she’d never forgive him if he broke their daughter’s heart.

Something Perfect - Holly Jacobs
Just as Colton and Sophie were about to say I-do, a wedding crasher reveals a secret that derails the ceremony. Despite Sophie’s complicated past, Colton still loves her. But can he forgive her for keeping secrets?

The Unforgettable Sheikh - Barbara McMahon
The last time Chloe saw Ben was in college. Now she’s face to face with him and all she can think of is the daughter he knows nothing about. Can they forgive the heartbreak and betrayal of the past, or are those old hurts too powerful to overcome?

Sweet Montana Secrets - Lisa Mondello
For Julie, running hadn't changed anything or healed the loss that still ate at her heart. Yet how can she return ten years later and face the one man she'd never stopped loving? And could Hunter forgive when he learns the secret of why she left?

Texas Bad Boy - Jean Brashear
Twenty years ago Devlin fell hard for Lacey. She had plenty of family money, but he loved her for her sweetness and kind heart. Lacey’s father didn’t want a penniless cowboy involved with his daughter, so he forced Devlin to leave. Now he’s back, with an explosive secret that will turn her life upside down.

And, drum roll please…a new cover!!!

This book won’t be around for long, so don’t wait to grab it for just 99¢. If you’re a KINDLE UNLIMITED reader, you’ll want to borrow and read it as soon as you can. Available here.

Mother Nature decided it was time to “bless” us with snow. It’s been ten years since our last snowfall, so why not? It was fun for a day, but the people living in higher elevations are not as amused. And, now, we’re expecting a warm atmospheric river that might turn all the snow into dangerous flood conditions. Prayers and good thoughts most appreciated.

THANKS FOR READING, EVERYONE. I’m busy packing for our Great South-by-Southwest RV trip. So excited.


Next Up:
3/23 – Happy birthday, son. RV travels commence…Where in the SW is Deb? And is that a new RV?

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