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Company e-Newsletter - February 9, 2022

New Design Receives Great Response

Air Command's new single-seat gyroplane!


By Joe Covelli, President
Air Command International


On February 1, Air Command International revealed its new single-seat gyroplane design by posting images on its website and creating a YouTube video for the reveal. > Click here to watch the REVEAL video on YouTube.

We received a positive response to the new design! Thank you for all the kind comments.

The new design was engineered with builder simplicity in mind with a 40-hour build time. The parts will be manufactured following an aerospace quality assurance standard, called AS9100. It will be an exciting gyroplane to fly too!

Aviation is widely known for showing flashy new aircraft designs for illustration-only purposes. What's important about the image rendering we are sharing is that all the individual parts have been professionally drawn in SolidWorks, and exported from our design engineer's computer to create the model you see. The only feature on the entire gyroplane that is a design mock-up is the body of the fiberglass enclosure, which we decided to include at the last minute to show the versatility between configurations. The pilot protection ring provides the structure to add the fiberglass enclosure later. An optional windscreen can be attached to the instrument panel in the open-air setup.

Two weeks ago, Air Command locked down the design and released all 400 part drawings and hardware requirements to its manufacturing partner, Blackhawk Aerospace, for pricing the complete kit and various sub-assemblies.

Click to Watch the Gyroplane Reveal Video on YouTube


During the design rollout last week, Air Command received questions about engines.  We realize Rotax recently disconnected the 582 engine.  It has been the standard engine on Air Command gyroplanes for thirty years since the early 1990s, and we've had it in our design plans for some time in keeping with that tradition. So we can complete airframe flight tests from where things left off, we decided to stay with the 582 engine, for now, and show it as is. Several engine options are available, so we will sort that out and ask for customer input.  For now, our focus is on the airframe and getting that completed.

The great thing about the Air Command airframe is its versatility as a bolt-together assembly. Customers can purchase the new single-seat gyroplane without the engine and install what they may currently own or prefer.


Gyroplane Kit Price

Pricing is being worked on, which we look forward to sharing soon. To help us in this regard, we will be emailing a questionnaire next week to everyone who contacted Air Command for kit pricing or information. To receive the questionnaire and be added to our contact list, complete the email us form shown on Air Command's contact us page.  To complete the email us form, > click here.


Going Forward

Right now, our focus is manufacturing the last remaining parts and completing the assembly of the new airframe.  Then, we'll have the gyroplane inspected for airworthiness and begin tests. Blackhawk is preparing to manufacture three complete gyroplane kits; we will have customers come to the factory and build to verify airframe part fit and assembly.  Once that is completed, we'll begin shipping customer orders.

Unfortunately, the materials supply chain is a bit challenging right now, so we are trying to plan the best we can.  Once kit pricing is announced, we will be selling slot positions in the manufacturing schedule to assist with planning, managing expectations, and pricing.


Upcoming Airshow Events

Air Command and Skywheels will display the new gyroplane and rotor blades at Bensen Days, March 30 to April 2, Wauchula, Florida, Sun 'n Fun, April 5 to 10, Lakeland, Florida, and AirVenture, July 25 to 31, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Click to Receive the Questionnaire and Kit Pricing

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