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Dear friends and supporters,

First of all, we would like to express our sincere thanks to animal lovers who always supported us despite the difficulties caused by Covid-19. Thanks to all your effort and endless support, we can maintain our work as well as to protect wildlife in Vietnam. And this month, although there are not many rescues, we are happy to welcome a very new scaly anteater – a baby Sunda pangolin.


The mother came to us in January with 15 other pangolins from illegal wildlife trade. In May, while the vet team was doing the last health check for the release, the team surprisingly found an angel inside her womb. To avoid stress or accident that might be caused by a long release journey, our captive team decided to keep in the center. And then, on the 9th of July, we were surprised by an appealing little scaly ant-eater in the mother’s burrow. It once again demonstrates our captive environment is suitable for pangolins to have a healthy pregnancy, birth, and home in which to rear their young, and then the next steps for a successful release program.


Diversified rescue

In July we received several unusual calls in total from a suburban location in Nghe An province, asking for rescuing different wild animals. Right after picking the call, our rapid response team at Pu Mat rescue center quickly moved to the rescue sit to save the animals. Luckily, all animals are alive, and being safe now at the center. The rescued animals are one Sunda Slow Loris, two Small Pygmy Lorises, one Burmesse Python, and one male White-cheeked Gibbon; and they are all listed in Vietnamese Red List in the endangered group or vulnerable one.

Joined rescue indirectly

Besides rescuing, we also supported and advised our online use to transfer wild animals to safe and trusted local conservation organizations due to the far distance between our center and the reporter’s location. Specifically, we engaged two cases of transferring one pangolin and one leopard cat to Cat Tien National Park, by giving the local people the procedures of transferring, instant caring for animals, and working as a contact point of rescue.

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Rescued 1 Chinese pangolin with 2 Sunda pangolins in Vinh City

This month, two Masked-palm civets had been released in a safe place. After more than three months of rehabilitation (a month in a quarantine area, two months in the semi-wild trained area, the two Masked palm civets that were rescued on 30/03/2020, were finally released back into their natural habitat. Through daily records, and assessment by our keepers and veterinarians about their natural instincts, both of the palm civets have shown their ability to independently search for food, and survive in their own habitat. Good luck, be free and don’t come back to our center!


A leopard cat's health had not improved.

Almost all of the animals at our rescue center are in good health condition, except a baby leopard cat. She was rescued at the end of May from a mountainous area in the North of Vietnam. Over two months of staying in the center, the cat's condition had not improved although the vet team was trying hard to find the best treatment, fight for his life.

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She looked sadly by diseases.

Her health did not improved over 2 months.

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It's time to learn more about the mother nature

Summer holidays are the perfect time for kids to learn more about mother nature. From 13th to 18th July, SVW in cooperation with TASS travel Vietnam and Cuc Phuong National Park organized a bilingual summer camp program. 10 Hanoi's students, from 7 to 16 years old, participated in the Cuc Phuong Nature Experience and Wildlife Care Education Program with the guidance of SVW personnel. Let’s have a look at how excited they are!

Introducing a propaganda toolkit in Pu Mat National Park

On July 2, 2020, we organized a workshop on introducing a propaganda toolkit in Pu Mat National Park, training about the propaganda and information collection for 15 SVW anti-poaching officers, 47 managers, and rangers. The toolkit is supposed to propagate the forest and wildlife protection to the community at 11 Pu Mat forest protection stations. All participants at the workshop were enthusiastically involved in the evaluation and revision of the toolkit before finalizing it. After publishing the toolkit, we wish it somehow contributes to reducing the impact on Pu Mat National Park from the community.


Initial results of investigating civet coffee farms and civet farms

After two-week investigating civet coffee farms and civet farms in Lam Dong province, we found 60% of them sold civet coffee, 40% sold civet meat, 50% sold civet breed, and 20% included tourism. 16.7% of the farms surveyed were no longer active.

All the civets we found are living under poor conditions. More than 850 civets observed among these farms, the actual number of civets could be much higher; 18 out of 28 respondents (64.3%) who were asked about the wild restocking animals admitted to buying civets from hunters or live animal sellers to sustain their farms. Thus, it may be a big challenge to determine whether the civets are from the wild or not; and their wild population will be widely impacted.

Site protection

This month the illegal activities seem to be more serious than last month. 26 cases were detected including 09 people escaped, 04 people were punished, 13 people were warned; 264 traps, 05 guns, and 16 illegal campaigns were found. Mr. Trung – leader of our anti-poaching unit shared, “hunting season is coming and some people have been brought brake traps into the forest”. Sadly, but proud as the team is always keeping the fire against poachers, hunters, guns, and traps, and to fight for our dream of no trap in the forest one day.

A homemade gun by the hunter

Homemad boxes to keep the hunted animals

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Here is the detail of the team’s achievement in July 2020:

We would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all supporters and donors via our website and other channels. Thank you all for sharing the financial burden with us. Here is the list of our organization and individual donors in June 2020.

Organization Donors
7 Bridges Brewing Company Nashville Zoo
Action for Wildlife Organization National Geographic Society
Aktionsgemeinschaft Artenschutz (AGA) e.V. National Zoo Australia
Alice C. Tyler Perpetual Trust Newquay Zoo
Australian Volunteers Nurtured by Nature
Bosua by BOO OAK Foundation
Catkin Media Ocean Park Conservation Fund
Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund Olsen Animal Trust
Croeni Foundation Riverbanks Zoo & Garden
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo SEGRE Foundation
David Shepherd Wildlife Conservation Skyland Productions GmbH
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Synchronicity Earth
Denver Zoo Taiwan Forestry Bureau
Denver Zoo Explorer Post Taronga Conservation Society Australia
EAZA's Small Carnivore Taxon Advisory Group TH True Milk
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands The Biodiversity Foundation
Flying Pangolin Film The Mohamed bin Zayed
Fortuna Hotel The Zoological Society of London
Foundation SEGRÉ THU MINH and OTTO
Fresh house TRỐNG ĐỒNG
Friends of Tallinn Zoo US Fish and Wildlife Service
Future For Nature Adward USAID Saving Species
Global conservation force Vingroup
Global Wildlife Conservation Welttierschutzgesellschaft e.V
Greater Goods Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust
Highlands Coffee Wild & Free - Rehabilitation and Release
Hong Kong Full Circle Foundation Wild Planet Trust
Houston Zoo WildAid
Humane Society International Wildlife Asia
International Otter Survival Fund Wildlife Conservation Network
Leibniz Institute For Zoo and Wildlife Research Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Life Science Diversity Foundation Wroclaw Zoo
Minara Nature Foundation Xuân Mai Group
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
Individual donors via website
A Amiri Elizabeth Forde Mary Anderson
Aida Mynzhasova Elizabeth Williamson Melissa Fuka
Alistair Leonard Emily Milder Michael Erb
Andrew Wolstenholme Emma Bedford Michael Tong
Anita Clemens Emma Green Michele Kavanagh
Anna Clark Erin Tao Nicholas Idle
Anne Marie Lebas Erwin Klein Niko Kreft
Anne Sanderson Evelyn Baron Nils Wilzki
Annie Beal Felix Schlieszus Obin Robinson
Angela Mcmaster Gabriele Hindemitt Owen Thomas
B A Murray Geoffrey Thomas Patricia Quintanilla
Barbara Roberts Georgette Taylor Peter Kettle
Bettina Philipp Georgina Steadman Peter Roth
Brian Scott Gerardo Sanchez Peter Thomas
Brian Screaton Grace Hall Rabea Weigand
Carol Cushing Grant Stewart Rachel Probert
Carolin Wenzel Gwyneth Owen Richard Roberts
Connor Mcbriarty Gisela Hiebel Roberta Shaw
Coral Keegan Hannah Bancroft Roland Page
Chris Ottewell Hazel M Watts Rosemary Barnes
Chris Whear Helen Horsley Rupert Veitch
Christian Seibl Ho Yan Chung Ruth Carapella
Christiane Biermann Isabel Hunter Sarah Scherer
Christine Jones Janet Anderson Shao Ju Shan
Christine Jones Jason Dare Simon Iveson
Christy Stott Jeff Kennedy Stefanie Schleicher
Dan Gordon Jillian Rutherford Stephan Gonter
Dan Jr Josephine Timewell Stephanie Scott
Dana Catterina Joshua Curnow Steven Drayton
Daniel Kuebler Julia Morrison Susan Eichwald
Danielle Davis Julia Vidal Suzanne Tarrant
Daria Kosenko Katie Lorraine Mccarthy Toan Phan
Deborah Kramer Katharine Tingle Tobias Back
Dennis Rösner Kim Trần Todd Flyr
Diane Kadomoto Lachezar Georgiev Theodore Stankowich
Dinohoodie Laura Edwards Victor Mallorquin
Dirk Schils Lianne Victoria Davy
Donald Butler Louisa Jaskulski Virginia Macpherson
Dr.Zippelius Srl Unipersonale Lucia Cervantes Wesley Rieck
Edith Vella M Jay Wibke Hagemann
Elisabeth Ickelheimer Marlayna Gehrking Zing Tv
Elisabeth Key Marten Seemann
Other donors via other channels
Connon Alan John Nguyen Trong Quan
Do Thi Thu Thuy Nguyễn Xuân Trung
Đoàn trải nghiệm thiên nhiên (AWO) Pham Thi Diem Trang
Hieu Trang Rita Elisabeth Haug
Le Thi Van Anh Truong Quynh Nhu
Marc Tetzlaff Uy Nguyễn
Ngô Tuấn Giang Wild Footprint - 'Hành trình hoang dã" No.1
Volunteers coming in June 2020
Nguyễn Thảo Trang Lương Trần Hà An
Đinh Việt Hùng Leah Derken


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