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Question - MC Issued By TCM


Dear Fellow HR Practitioners

We would like to have a better understanding on the general practice for medical benefits of most organization.

Currently, our organization only recognized MC issued by non TCM and medical expenses are reimbursed to the staff by the organization.

1) Does your company recognized medical certificate issued by TCM?

2) Is the incurring medical expenses from TCM claimable?

Thank you.




The Employment Act & Its Practical Applications Workshop 

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The Employment Act (EA) was enacted in 1968. It is Singapore's main labour law that seeks to provide for the basic terms and working conditions for all types of employees except those employed in managerial or executive positions, seamen and domestic workers. It also seeks to ensure reasonable employment standards while balancing businesses' need to stay competitive.


A good understanding of the Employment Act will result in positive Employee Engagement and build Industrial Relations harmony by minimizing disputes between Employers and Employees or Union. As such, it shapes the responsibilities and relationship between Employers and Employees.


During the seminar, participants will be able to differentiate Contract of Service and Contract for Service, Termination and Dismissal, to identify when an employment contract is broken, to handle no show cases for recruitment, as well as the legal requirements for public holidays, sick leaves, annual leave and maternity leave.


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