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Spring is upon us! (Which means less time for me to write.)

What does spring mean for you?

  • Spring cleaning?
  • More time outside (Northern Hemosphere)?
  • The snow is melting?
  • Baby animals?

I believe most of you are aware of the accident involving my father last summer that brought me home to help run the family zoo. This put a huge halt to my writing schedule, as zoo life is...well...a zoo!

The good thing about our zoo is we're closed in the winter months, giving me time to write a pile of stories (see my writing updates below.)

April 28th is our grand opening, which means I'll be busy checking on our critters, helping visitors, and enjoying the sunshine for the summer. This leaves me with little time to write.

But it's worth it! I write because I love hearing feedback from readers about how they enjoyed the stories I had a passion to write. I have yet to make any money off it, but it's starting to support itself.

Managing the zoo is similar. I love hearing from visitors how much they enjoyed their trip. I love telling them the animals' stories (as many of our critters are rescues) and especially love seeing the faces on school age children when they get to get up close and personal with some of our residents. It's another passion of mine.

On top of all this, playing with some of our friendly animals brings a smile to my face. (My favorites are our coyote, Wyle E., the arctic foxes, McKinley and Denali, our Tarpan horses, P.P., Prince, and Noelani, and all the bottle fed deer we have, like Lovey, Daisy, and Sally.)

These animals inspire my writing. Some of the behaviors of my wolf pup in Fur & Feathers came from our little coyote, Wyle E. If you'd like to watch how much he loves attention, here's a quick video of my father petting him. Wyle E has a long story that makes him non-releasable into the wild that I'd be happy to share, if you're interested.

Anyway, even with less time to write, Spring is still a wonderful time of the year! Diversification keeps me excited about each part of my life. When I do sneak in a little writing time in between my animal time, it's something magical.

Writing Updates:

Fangs & Fairy Dust is up on preorder for $0.99. I am going to try a new technique to get some eyes on my writing and launch this story for FREE on May 22nd and 23rd. I'll remind you that you can grab it free on those dates. Hopefully, it helps introduce readers to my Angels of Sojourn series.

Broken & Burnt is complete. It's a sweet little novella about an angel warrior coming to earth to remove a fallen angel's wings, but accidentally gets stabbed by his own sword. It'll be released on June 6th in an Angels & Magic Box Set, but you can check out a sneak preview down at the bottom of this email.

One Possible Future is a short story in my Angels of Sojourn series. I just received the cover for this one--what do you think? (I found a new cover designer with no backlog that only charged me $20) You can grab a copy of this story FREE through Instafreebie here.

Flame & Fortune is also complete. This novella is about darker characters than I normally write, but it's still a light story with a good moral. Lena is a fallen angel in the Underworld whose asked to do a deed for the Unfortunate to earn the Eternal Flame. See, the Underworld is freezing cold. While on Earth, Lena didn't expect to find love. This story will be published in a paranormal romance anthology in August. 

Ta-Da!!! Cover reveal for Fur & Feathers! For those of you who've read Blood & Holy Water and/or my short story, Bitten, Fur & Feathers brings both stories together. Angel Simon has newly fallen to Earth and crosses paths with Katrina and her werewolf son. (See the little wolf pup on the cover?) Fin & Ava also play a role in the novel.

I have one more novella to write -- in my fairy godmother world -- then I can finish my edits of Fur & Feathers. I'm getting a little angel'd out, so after one more book -- book 3 (about Lily) this series will come to an end...for now. Then, I'll be focusing a little on my Superhero Wives world and create an entire new series!

My Upcoming Book Sales:

I'm starting a new feature in this newsletter. I don't want to bombard your email every time I have a sale on my books, so I thought I'd keep a running calendar here. That way, if you're looking for a deal, you can see if one of my stories will going on sale in the near future.

Remember, all my books are always "free" through Kindle Unlimited.

Novel's Normal Price: $2.99

Sale: $0.99 May 16th-22nd

Novel's Normal Price: $2.99

FREE days: May 10th and June 8th

Novel's Normal Price $2.99

Sale: $0.99 Now until April 9th

FREE Days: April 12th


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Novella's Normal Price: $0.99

FREE Days: April 20th

Novella's Normal Price: $0.99

Will be launching FREE on May 22nd & 23rd

Anthology's Normal Price: $0.99 

(My story Fangs & Fairy Dust is in this collection.)

FREE Days: April 26th-30th (Since this is a charity anthology, we'd prefer sales at 99 cents, but wanted to make sure it fit all budgets.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's all I have this month. See you soon!


P.S. Don't forget to scroll down to read the first chapter of Broken & Burnt at the bottom of this email.

Want Something New to Read?

Just a quick shout out to some other authors who've helped me advertise some of my stories. I hope you find something interesting to explore. Based on your feedback in the survey last month, I'll make this section shorter in the future. :-)

Drawing from a well of myth and legend, each of these 16 USA Today and NYT Best Selling Authors, has put their own twist on a story from childhood. 

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Justice Labelle always had her life perfectly planned. Her goals were to graduate from University and get into law school. Then one day, Justice tried to kill herself.

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Dark, thrilling, and full of suspense! Samantha, a feisty private investigator, knows how to handle herself around cheaters, liars, and thieves, but vampires? That's another story.

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Severus: As with all incubi, he must take the life essence of humans to maintain his strength.

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Turned into a vampire at the age of two, Alyssa has spent the last 14 years pretending to be human in a society who hates "Abnormals" like her. 

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Kat is a genetic fugitive on the run from the Federation.

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Check Out Something New (& Maybe Win Something, Too!):

Freebies:  (Note: many of these require you to sign up for an author's newsletter. It's a way for new authors, like myself, to find new readers.)

Sneak Peek of Broken & Burnt!

Here's a taste of my next novella...

Chapter 1


Bree’s heart thundered as she crouched behind her metallic blue SUV’s steering wheel. She held as still as possible while trying to calm her rapid breathing. The angels had finally come for her. She had known it was only a matter of time, but she didn’t think it’d be so soon.

Despite the angel being invisible to humans while in the angel’s realm of Sojourn, Bree still had sensed its presence the moment it appeared in the grocery store. The hair rose on her arms and a heaviness weighed on her chest. This was one of her few abilities as a fallen angel. As Bree sensed the angel moving down the produce aisle, she let go of her cart and carefully snuck past the ice cream and pizzas, creeping out the entrance’s automatic doors.

When she approached her SUV, she sensed the angel moving closer. If she jumped behind the steering wheel and pressed the pedal to the floor, the angel would surely see her and teleport inside her vehicle. Instead, she hid for a few minutes, hoping the angel would pass by and she could drive away.

Bree still sensed the angel, and her time was running out. If she waited too long, the angel could use its angelic power to locate her, and then there was no hope.

Leaning against the door, she lifted her head to peer out the window. People filled the lot, pushing grocery carts back and forth to their cars. Row to row she searched for anything unusual, not that she would notice anything. It was against the Angelic Rules for Angels of Sojourn to reveal themselves to humans.

Tempted to step out of her vehicle and stay in sight of humans, so she’d be safe, she resisted like she had resisted staying inside the grocery store. This was only a temporary fix. The angel would find an opportunity where nobody was looking and grab her, pulling her somewhere private.

As Bree inserted her key into the ignition, her phone sprung awake in her center console. The screen flashed Northeastern Community Hospital.

Not now.

It’d been days since her sister was pain free and well enough to call, and she couldn’t miss the chance to talk to Calinda. Calinda wasn’t coherent often, and her days may be numbered. Bree’s heart pounded as she clicked answer and slouched in the seat with an uncontrollable smile. “Hey, Sis. You’re awake?”

From the other end was not her sister’s voice, but someone else's. “No, sorry, but this is Eva, her nurse. She’s still sleeping, but I wanted to give you the update.”

The hair rose on Bree’s arms and her chest started to constrict. The angel was getting closer. Bree leaned up to peer out the window. “Is Calinda okay?”

“Yeah, she’s fine right now, but her episodic pain is coming more frequent. She just had one about twenty minutes ago, and it was quite intense. I was wondering if—”

Bree’s shirt tightened around her neck and the fabric wrinkled in front of her. She dropped her phone to grasp an invisible arm in front of her. She tugged at the limb, trying to free herself, but a bright, shimmering light grew around her, causing her to close her stinging eyes. When her feet hit something solid, she opened her eyes to an unfamiliar alleyway.

Despite the magnificent white wings stretching wide, the angel in front of her appeared like a thirty-year-old human. His short, light-brown hair stuck up a little in front, his wide shoulders hid beneath a white gown, and a strong jawline combined with his six-foot or more frame made him look regal. The angel held a brilliant, glowing sword Bree had nightmares about—The Sword of Light.

This was it, the moment she’d lose her wings, forever.

There was no way she could run from him. Her chance at escape completely gone, but who was she fooling? You couldn’t hide from an Angel of Sojourn for too long.

Dropping to her knees, she pulled her light gray wings from their hiding place in Sojourn. She gave them one final flap as she stretched them back, parallel to each other. With a bowed head, she whispered. “I ask for your compassion as a Highest Order Angel of Sojourn. You can have my wings, but I wish you wouldn’t take them right now, since I still need them. Between them and my voice, this is all I have left to comfort my dying sister.” She wiped her tears as she looked up, hoping to see sympathy in the angel’s face, but it wasn’t sympathy she saw.

It was confusion.

Chapter 2


Removing the wings of a fallen angel was not a task Jaxon took lightly. It was a sad day for all angels when one of their own lost their connection to Sojourn. The Sword of Light grew heavy in his hands and he relaxed his arms and tilted his chin, taking in this fallen angel in front of him.

In his fifty years as a Highest Order Angel, he had only removed the wings of a handful of angels, but he upheld justice in other ways, even taking lives when necessary. He was proud of his perfect record and the swiftness of his performance.

Not once in fifty years had anyone asked for his compassion. An had never asked to keep their wings to benefit someone else. Those Jaxon encountered lied, tried to trick him, begged for their lives, or begged for their wings.

But this little angel, with her long, brown hair blowing in the breeze and too-big, grey watery eyes wanted to keep her wings for someone other than herself—and Jaxon believed her. More interesting was that she volunteered for him to take her wings as soon as she was done, knowing that when her wings were removed, she’d become mortal and die whenever her body gave out.

Jaxon stepped away, accidentally kicking some lose stones down the alley and into the brick exterior of the grocery store. He tightened his grip on the sword. “How is it a fallen angel has a sister?”

Her lip quivered and she blinked long eyelashes accentuating her eyes. He could get lost in those eyes if he wasn’t careful. “I didn’t last long in Sojourn. After Calinda’s husband died twenty years ago, I fell from Sojourn to be here on Earth with her.”

Angels didn’t choose to fall; they were kicked out of Sojourn. That was her first crime. What she said had to be a lie, even if there was truth radiating from her eyes. He needed a reminder of why he was here. “The fact that you revealed yourself to humans and stole from your place of employment is why I’m here. For those crimes, you must be punished as defined in the Angelic Rules.” He repositioned his body at her side to get a view of her wings. He took a deep breath while raising the Sword of Light, drawing its power. The fallen angel dropped her head, her brown hair falling over her tiny shoulders.

How could someone so small be such trouble?

He hesitated before reminding himself of his duty. Of his perfect record. He’d take her wings, and nothing would stop him.

The woman raised her head, glancing toward the ally’s exit. Jaxon refocused, looking away from those beautiful eyes.

That was his mistake.

She spread her wings with more speed and might than he expected, causing him to lose his footing. When he stumbled, she bounded to her feet with angelic quickness and gave him a shove, knocking his sword lose from his hand. She took off running, her wings disappearing back into Sojourn in a shimmer of light.

His sword’s hilt hit the ground first, bouncing the blade towards him. As he tumbled down, a sharp pain stabbed his abdomen as the Sword of Light’s blade slid into his side, sending a raw inferno throughout his body. It stung like nothing he had experienced, even his gruesome human death that left scars even in his afterlife. Pure agony roared from his lips as his eyes opened wide, seeing the woman retreat.

 Right before his vision went black, he caught her glancing over her shoulder and her mouth gape when she saw him crumpled on the ground. In his last moment of lividity, he hid his wings in Sojourn in case a human found him dead. It was his duty to uphold the Angelic Rules, even in his demise.

With his cheek pressed against the cool pavement, all he could think of was how nice a long sleep would feel. He gave into the sensation, drifting into black nothingness.


This will be published in the "Angels & Magic" Box Set on June 6th. If you can't wait until then, sign up HERE to be part of my Advanced Reader Team.

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