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Here is my November Sci-Fi Newsletter with my current Sales Promos and Free Book Giveaways. I hope you find something you like and continue supporting Indie Authors.

Check out the Sales Promo below to find Nanomachine War Series, Books 1-3. It is only available as a KDP Select/Unlimited book for now. It is on Sale for $4.99!

My other popular MSF Sci-Fi Trilogy called The Guardians Series, Books 1-3, is now on Sale for $3.99!

I reduced two books, Nanomachine War - Book 2, and The Guardians - Book 2, to $0.99 each for the Holidays. Continue to read each Series and post reviews for these books!

For all you Paperback book fans out there, I just reduced Alien Storm Paperback to $11.99. This is Classic Sci-Fi completely updated for paperback sales!

I am hosting a BookFunnel November Sci-Fi Book Sale Promo for Sci-Fi books. My two books, Nanomachine War - Book 2 and The Guardians - Book 2, are included. Both are part of Space Opera Military Science Fiction three-book series.

I am also participating in a Holiday Paperback Stockup Sales Promo Coming On November 11th! My books, Alien Storm and Nanomachine War - Book 1, are included. Post a review if you like them.

Finally, If you are interested in Free Book Giveaways, check out the BookFunnel Promo below. My book, UTOPIAS - Book 1 Preview, is included for Free.

Please post reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Goodreads or Smashwords if you have already read or like any of these books to encourage new Sci-Fi readers to try them. Thank you for doing this.

Enjoy the Holiday Season!

November Book Sales Have Started!

Nanomachine War - Book 2, On Sale For $0.99!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

The Guardians - Book 2, On Sale For $0.99!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Nanomachine War Series, Books 1-3 - Free Unlimited or On Sale For $4.99

Free KDP Select/Unlimited, Amazon US
Unlimited Amazon UK

The Guardians Series - On Sale For $3.99!

Amazon US
Amazon UK

Alien Storm Paperback - Reduced to $11.99!

Amazon US Only

November Sci-Fi Book Sale!

November Sci-Fi Sale Promo from BookFunnel. Twenty-Five (25) great stores from Indie Sci-Fi Authors you can support by purchasing their books and posting Reviews after reading.

My books, Nanomachine War - Book 2 and The Guardians - Book 2, are included. Both are Space Opera MSF Series dealing with aliens attacking our solar system; the first with brain controlling Nanomachines and then with killer swarms of nanobot drones called Nanoboids; the second book with terraforming nanobots. a killer asteroid and antimatter bombs. Please Share this Promo on Social Media so others may find it..

Sales Promo!

Holiday Paperback Stockup Sales Promo - Coming Soon!

Holiday Paperback Stockup Sales Promo Coming November 11th from BookFunnel! Thirty-eight (38) great stories here.

My books, Alien Storm and Nanomachine War - Book 1, are included. Post a Review if you like these books.

Sales Promo!

Fall 2019 Dystopian Worlds Giveaway!

Fall 2019 Dystopian Worlds Giveaway from BookFunnel! Twenty-three (23) free stories here.

My book Preview, UTOPIAS - Book 1 Preview, is included. It is a Dystopian  story where Climate Change almost causes the extinction of humans and Androids are created to save the world, but don't want to give it back later. Get the complete book if you like it.


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November 8, 2019