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Like many have said 2020 is a pivotal year. It is starting to pose challenges and opportunities to everyone, not only people living in Wuhan, Hubei experiencing first-hand the COVID-19, but in Eastern Africa facing food shortages due to locust swarm, and in Australia where the catastrophic bushfires took away hundreds of thousands acres of land and many lives, all of these beg the questions: how should we live through those times?

Stay grounded. Navigate, gravitate towards the centre of the storm, where it is at its calmest and clearest compared to the rage surrounding us, (re)strategise and get things done. If for one nanosecond it crosses your mind that you'd rather wait and see if the rage will quiet down, please read "Movement is Hope"  and inhibit the next attack.

It is a time, a warning that calls for sanity, wisdom, not fear or worry, head down and work your way through it all while loving the joy life brings upon us. This is pretty much what we are doing right here right now at FinFabrik - pushing out a new version of CrossPool and unveiling its full end-to-end functionalities to you mid-March. We will keep you posted on when and how it will happen. 🎈 

FinFabrik x Chekk synergy

FinFabrik and Chekk share a common approach to developing solutions based first and foremost on their deep capital markets practitioner experience. CrossPool is built to serve the asset issuers and investors primarily to achieve two things:

(a) creating a primary market where institutions originate and allocate digital assets, and

(b) a secondary market where investors are able to discover a price, buy and sell those assets whilst being able to transfer their ownership rights in a legal and compliant manner.

Moreover, CrossPool has a strong identity management module that lets any company or individual own, manage and distribute their digital identity in a permissioned network whilst being fully GDPR compliant. 

"I believe that everyone should ultimately own “themselves”, that is, their credentials and where they are distributed as long as the rules are followed. Chekk is a great partner in that it uses advanced consent and encryption technologies at data point level, enabling users to control what is shared with whom.” said Alex Medana.

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"Always go too far, because that's where you will find the truth."

- Albert Camus


See you soon,

Your FinFabulous team.

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