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Dear Friends,

Chris & Lisa Cree with green hills

Happy New Year! Hopefully by now you have made the transition and are now used to writing and typing 2019 instead of 2018. And we hope your holiday time was peaceful and enjoyable.

It’s been a relatively quiet time for us here at NewCREEations. So this month’s newsletter will be brief. We’ve taken advantage of the slower time over the holidays, which I’ll share about in a moment.

A Few Days Away

Dinner with friends in Edinburgh

Right before Christmas Lisa and I were able to get away for a few days up to Edinburgh. I honestly didn’t realize how much I needed a break until we were away.

We went up there with our friends Andrew and Sarah Roxburgh. Andrew is from right here in Scotland and went to Charis in our class with Lisa and I in Colorado. He met Sarah over there when we were in school. She’s also a Charis graduate.

The ladies found an AirBnB type place for us to stay. Turned out it was only about a block down from the American Consulate. It’s a nice neighborhood! We were walking distance from town center and were able to go down to their big Christmas market, which was heaving with people.

We also had the blessing of meeting up with Mick, Linda, and Sam Entwistle while we were there. They are also Charis friends from our time in Colorado. Sam is going to university in Edinburgh and his parents were in town visiting him.

We were all able to get together for a wonderful meal. I laughed harder than I had in a long time!

School Back In Session

Sharps and Crees at Charis Dumfries

We hit the ground running at the first of the year. Two of our staff members, Andrew and Jasmine Sharp, were not able to be with us on the first Saturday back with the students after Christmas break this month.

They had a really good reason for not being with us. They were in Australia visiting their daughter and son in law who just had another baby. From what we hear they had a wonderful time Down Under with their children and grandchildren. Even so, we are looking forward to their return later this week.

Being two people short made for a very busy Saturday with the students with all the live teaching we do. But James, Lisa, and I were able to get it all done, just.

Cecil Paxton Event


We will be hosting Cecil and Lisa Paxton at the school at the end of the month. Cecil will be holding a Healing is Here event in the afternoon during our normal school Saturday.

Cecil was a huge blessing to our students and guests when he ministered at the Bible college last year. Judging by the event registrations for the upcoming event, it looks like we are going to have a full house this year!

We’ll share more about how the event goes in our next newsletter. Be sure to look for it next month.

Writing a Book

Charis Dumfries Christmas celebration

Things will be getting busier for us with mission trips and whatnot starting next month. Since we had just a little bit of down time during the holidays, I really felt like God was impressing on me that now was the time to write the book that I’ve been thinking about for the last several months.

I’m pleased to announce that I completed the first draft this week! It’s much the same material from one of the courses that I put together to teach our students. The title is Rejecting Mammon: How to See Results From Your Giving.

Many believers understand that Jesus provides a way for us to prosper body, soul, and spirit. They give generously, but don’t understand how to receive, particularly in the area of finances. If you are good at sowing, but don’t see much harvest in return, then this book will be for you.

Take hope in the knowledge that God does have answers for you. Your harvest is waiting for you and it will fuel a cycle of seedtime and harvest which will propel you into an even deeper relationship with Jesus.

Anyway, the first draft of the book is done. We’re working on editing it and looking at cover designs. I hope to see it published soon. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Moving Into a Busier Season

Charis Dumfries Second Year Students

Looking forward, things will quickly get very busy for us. After our event with Cecil Paxton, next month we will be hosting a mission team from Charis in Jacksonville, Florida. We’ve told them to bring warm clothes!

Then Lisa and I will be leading two mission teams with our own students. One trip will be to the Scottish Highlands and outer islands. The other will be to Finland.

Lisa and I have committed to donating the costs of our own spots on each of these trips to the Bible college. In this area we are leading by example since the students are responsible for paying the costs for their own trips. We know that God will provide that money for us. And we also know that He provides supernaturally through people.

If those missions trips are something you would like to support financially, please use the green button link below to give securely to NewCREEations.

As always, we very much appreciate your prayers and support.

Abundant Blessings,


Chris & Lisa Cree

P.S. If you have a heart for Scotland and the works God is doing in this beautiful country, or if you would like to help offset the costs of getting the book to print, please consider donating or partnering with NewCREEations via the link below. We believe this ministry is very fertile ground which can produce an abundant harvest for your seed.


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