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With MICOS TELCOM becoming a PART of the PLP group, we are proud to present you first of many PLP products – namely COYOTE STP (Service Termination Point).

COYOTE® STP (Service Termination Point)

The COYOTE® STP (Service Termination Point) is a small scale, cost effective closure that is ideal for use where the optical network terminal (ONT) is on the inside of a premises. The robust latch system, paired with an integrated overmolded cover, allows for quick re-entry and creates a secure seal over a wide range of cable profiles. 


  • Size: 257 x 126 x 49 mm
  • Application: Indoor/Outdoor Premises, Pedestal, Wall/Pole Network Interface Device (NID)
  • Degree of Protection: Tested in accordance to TELCORDIA® GR-771-CORE Above Grade, IP-67 Rated
  • Max Splice Capacity: 12 Single Fusion or 4 Mechanical
  • Max Adapter Quantity: 2 Simplex SC, 2 Duplex LC
  • Grommet Quantity: 2 (Multi-Hole Grommets Available)
  • Grommet Range: 2,5 - 10,8 mm and Flat Drop

(TELCORDIA® is a registered trademark of Telcordia Technologies, Inc., DELTEC® is a registered trademark of Thomas & Betts International LLC.)


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Clever and sophisticated box which is able to fi x up fl exibly all the cables and small computer peripherals normally lying on the fl oor under your desk. The cables can enter into the M Box from three directions and it is very easy to fi x them on a special grid by Velcro. M-Box could be placed on a desk and on sides of the desk or
on a wall.

  • Coverage degree IP 10 to EN 60529
  • Colour Black RAL 9005
  • Material Painted aluminium
  • Dimensions/Weight
    M-Box „M“: 365 × 250 × 60 mm/1,25 kg
    M-Box „L“: 460 × 320 × 60 mm/1,756 kg


Order code:

M-BOX "L": 8017.00/00V0F


40 pcs in stock

M-BOX "M": 8017.00/00S0F


40 pcs in stock


The URM LH 48C M optical distribution box is designed for the placement of 48 optical connectors indoor and outdoor. The distribution box may be complemented by a bracket, which enables it to be post-mounted.

  • Maximum capacity is 48× SC simplex
  • Integrated fibre management + 2× EC 2 splice tray for the placement of optical splices
  • Possibility of PLC splitter placement
  • 2× PG bushing for input cable
  • 2× PG bushing with rubber insert for output patchcords
  • Lockable door


Order code: 852L.30/00CNF


24 pcs in stock


  • Capacity of 4 optical connectors
  • Connector holder 4x SC/E2000
  • Bushing 2x PG 16 patchcord – 2 holes and 1x PG 9
  • Micro splice tray with TS 6 splice holder
  • Base plate and cover
  • Lockable lid
  • Coverage degree IP 54
  • Dimensions 185 x 103 x 73 mm


Order code: 8506.00/0000F


19 pcs in stock

Connector XPFit Plus SC/UPC 250/900um - 12 pcs set

Connector XPFit Plus SC/APC 250/900um - 12 pcs set

This connector is used for terminating of the FTTH optic networks (fiber socket) in the homes of customers. It is also used for rapid repair of optic networks and also where is a dangerous explosive atmospheres (no splicint of optical fibers). This connector is pre-polished and therefore does not require any epoxy bonding, curing, polishing, stamping and allowing easy and quick termination of optical fibers. It is compatible with standard SC adapters. The termination of optical fibers can be repeated 2–3 times. For the fast, easy and accurate installation is supplied to this connector mounting device for fiber 250 μm and 900 μm. To the rapid test used an indicator window on the connector and a red laser.

Connector XPFit Plus SC/UPC 250/900um - 12 pcs set

Order code: 85H4.95/0U12F

Price 34 EUR

11 pcs in stock


Connector XPFit Plus SC/APC 250/900um - 12 pcs set

Order code: 85H4.95/0A12F

Price 38 EUR

30 pcs in stock

URM SL 12S Wall-mounted optical distribution box

The URM SL 12S optical distribution box is designed as a distributor floor boxfor the through cable, which allows to splice up to 8 drop cables to the customer. The distribution box is designed only for indoor use.

  • Maximum capacity is 12 splices
  • Allows to splice up to 8 drop cables
  • 1x KM3 splice tray for the placement of cable reserves
  • 5x cable eye for the placement of cable reserves
  • 2x rubber bushing for the through cable
  • 2x PG bushing with rubber insert for the output of drop cables (4x 1,8-3 mm)
  • Use only for fibers G657 a,b
  • Fixation of input cables
  • Lockable door


Order code: 85RN.20/0000F


19 pcs in stock

Rack 600

The racks are designed for placing the technology inside the data and collocation cabinets. The loading capacity stated for rack 600 is applicable when 2 supporting angles are used (angle 50 or angle 400).

  • Depth 600 mm
  • Height 2U
  • Loading capacity 40 kg
  • Black colour


Order code: 8A91.00/0005F


6 pcs in stock


The storage racks hold the reserve of optical or data cables.

  • Height 1U
  • Brush cable inlet - with a spool
  • Black colour


Order code: 8A04.00/0AZ1F


19 pcs in stock


High density cabinet of a simple concept based on compact modules accommodating connectors, adapters and pigtails. Modules are located in the column in the middle part of the rack. In the left part of the rack there is sufficient space for optical fibre cables termination. Right part is dedicated to comprehensive patchcord management allowing smooth routing of requested fibre connections. Can be used mainly in distribution points of FTTH point to point or PON networks, data centers, SAN networks, for mobile backhaul optical fibre termination and finally in backbone and transmission networks of telco operators.

  • Empty, without equipment, without doors
  • Capacity of 72 modules ( 864 SC connectors or 1728 LC connectors) 
  • Standard rack dimensions 2200 × 900× 300 mm
  • Easy manipulation and comprehensive arrangement of terminated optical cables
  • Modular design allowing to split investment in time according to demand
  • Supports back to back or side by side installation including sufficient raceways
    for patchcord routing between racks
  • Compact modules accommodating connectors adapters, pigtails and fibre splices including the overlength storage of microcable (3 m), indoor optical cable up to 4 mm outside diameter or optical cable buffer
  • Manipulation with the compact module does not impact any other optical fibre in neighbouring modules
  • Compact modules support pre-terminated cables
  • Compact modules support accommodation of ribbon splices and ribbon fan-outs
  • Dimensions 2200 x 900 x 300 mm
  • Weight 150 kg
  • Colour light grey RAL 7035
  • Material painted steel


Order code: 852X.00/0000F


1 pc in stock

ORS 1/600 with door

The ORS 1/600 optical distribution cabinet is designed for the placement of 1920 optical connectors indoors in a CENTRAL OFFICE. The cabinet allows to terminate and lead out any type of optical cables to the main optical node.

  • Empty, without equipment, with doors
  • Capacity of 1920 optical connectors
  • Two separate sections, 20 modules each
  • Modular construction (48 optical connectors)
  • Module for the placement of splice trays/patchcord reserves
  • Easy access - double rotating system (frame/module)
  • Connector panel E2000, SC simplex, LC duplex
  • Placement up to 5 m of optical fiber
  • Easy and variable management
  • Possibility of installing passive elements into the modules
  • Frame locking in the open position
  • Recommended patchcord diameter 1,8 mm
  • Dimensions 2200 x 1200 x 600 mm
  • Weight 215 kg
  • Colour light grey RAL 7035
  • Material painted steel


Order code:

ORS 1 - 8542.01/0000F

door - 8542.02/0000F


1 pc in stock


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from 14. to 15. May 2019 MICOS Telcom will participate in the East Africa Com in Nairobi, Kenya.

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from 4. to 6. June 2019 MICOS Telcom will participate in the ANGA COM 2019 international fair in Cologne/Germany.

On this occasion we would like to invite you to our stand at hall 7 no. A52, where you will have the opportunity get to know our products and new features in greater detail and consult your projects with our experts.

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