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Two hot twin brothers.
Two tantalizing love stories.

A love triangle & forbidden, age gap romance…get ready for an angsty duo.


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The countdown to Winning the Cowboy is on!
Scroll down for a sneak peek of chapter one!


She’s lying to me and everyone else, but especially to herself. 

I can see right through it but I can’t figure out why. 

This has been going on for over five years and honestly I’m tired of her games. The way she dismisses me, acts as if I don’t exist anytime I’m around, and purposely taunts me with her delicious curves. 

Mackenzie Bishop will be the death of me.

I started at the Circle B Ranch to help with the cattle operation while she was away at college. Diesel, the manager of the operation, introduced us, and Kenzie stood there giving me the side eye. When I finally reached out to shake her hand, her jaw dropped as if I’d offended her.

I just mentioned how nice it was to meet her. Though I was thinking how gorgeous she was and wondered how her lips would taste.

Since that day she’s hated me for no goddamn reason. 

After years of taunting and bickering, I had hoped she’d finally tell me why she despises me so much. Or we’d fall into bed together and work out our frustrations the fun way. 

No such luck.

“So Kenzie, you gonna wear my favorite pink thong down the aisle this weekend?” I ask while her back is to me. I can only imagine the glare she’s sporting right now. 

“You’re gonna let me borrow your underwear? How sweet.” She looks over her shoulder and smirks. 

Diesel, Riley, and Gavin—the other ranch hands—shake their heads at me. 

“Why do you even try anymore?” Riley, who’s Kenzie’s cousin, asks. The four of us are sitting at a table at the Circle B Bed & Breakfast eating together, as per our daily tradition. The B&B sits on the Circle B Ranch and hosts hundreds of guests a year, including the workers who eat between morning chores. It’s owned by the Bishops and most of the family’s involved with the ranch in some way. 

Kenzie’s a school teacher in town and her older sister Maize is the head chef here. Occasionally, Kenzie will stop by in the morning for coffee and bagels before work. 

“One day she’ll snap,” I declare. “One day. Then it’ll be on.” 

Diesel snorts, shaking his head. “The day Kenzie brings a man home is one I don’t wanna miss.”

“Me neither. Watching Grayson fight some guy for a woman who hates him would be the ultimate entertainment,” Gavin adds. He’s Maize’s husband, at least ten years older than me, and twice my size so it’s not like I can even sucker punch him for that comment.

“Hey, assholes. Workin’ here has gained me a six-pack and an extra thirty pounds of muscle. So eat shit,” I say, then shove more food in my mouth. Maize’s cooking is so damn good and irresistible, but the carbs are worth it. Especially when I catch Kenzie staring anytime I have my shirt off.

“I still can’t believe Ethan and Harper lined you up to walk together in their wedding. That’s a catastrophe waitin’ to happen,” Diesel says.

“I was just as surprised as you were,” I admit. “But I’m takin’ full advantage to find out why she pretends to hate me so much. When she’s drunk too much at the reception, I’ll be there to drive her home. She won’t be able to resist my charm,” I respond with a shit-eating grin. 

“So confident for a guy who she’s kicked in the balls and dumped buckets of water over your head,” Riley taunts.

“That’s called foreplay, my friends. All leading up to the moment we—”

My jaw snaps shut the moment I notice John Bishop—the manager of the B&B— standing at the end of the table with his arms folded. 

He’s also Kenzie’s father.

“I wouldn’t finish that sentence if I were you.” He looks like he’s daring me to give him a reason to kick my ass out. 

“No, sir,” I say politely. 

When John walks away, it’s so quiet I could hear a pin drop. 

“Good job there.” Gavin chuckles as he takes a bite of biscuits and gravy. 

“Your father-in-law hates me,” I say.

“He’s just reserved.” Gavin shrugs, then adds, “But yeah, you’re definitely on his shit list now.” 

Once I’ve finished eating, Diesel and I go back to the cattle barn. Since Ethan and Harper’s wedding rehearsal’s tonight, my work day’s cut in half. Once we’re finished, I go home and change, then head to the church.

Ethan’s one of Kenzie’s cousins who runs the goat farm. I help him sometimes and over the years we’ve become friends. When they announced their engagement, I was kinda surprised he’d asked me to be a groomsman. Even more so when I learned they paired me with Kenzie but I wasn’t complaining. 

“You look pretty,” I whisper in Kenzie’s ear the first chance I get. We’re practicing walking down the aisle in order.

“Eat shit, Cowboy,” she murmurs without looking at me as Harper’s mom gives instructions. 

I hold back laughter as I stuff my hands in my pockets. “Pretty filthy mouth too.” 

She faces me wearing her signature glare. “Don’t get any ideas. Just because I have to be paired with you doesn’t mean I want to be.”

“Why? You’d rather be sittin’ on my face? Because if so, that can be arranged.”

Without warning, she stomps her heel on my foot. “Fuck.” I hiss, trying to keep it together so I don’t cause a scene. 

“Keep it up, dumbass and you’ll also be sportin’ a black-eye in the wedding photos,” she warns with fake politeness in her tone.

Goddamn, why does her feistiness turn me on even more? It’s a true sickness, something I can’t explain. She’s turned me down more times than I can count and yet I still can’t control myself around her. Ignoring the impulse to get under her skin as much as she gets under mine is impossible. Kenzie’s worked me up for so fucking long, I crave peeling back her layers and figuring out what her problem is with me. 

“That wasn’t very ladylike,” I murmur when she’s forced to weave her arm through mine.

While brushing strands of bleach blonde hair from her face, she ignores me.

As we make our way toward the front, I lean in and ask softly, “You gonna finally tell me why you despise me so much?”

“You’re annoying.” 

“And you’re a raging bitch most days, but that’s not an acceptable reason to be a jerk to you.”

She whips her head in my direction and scowls. Before she can retort, we’re separating and moving to our respective places. While standing next to the other groomsman, I glance at her. I should apologize but honestly she’s never given me the same courtesy for the harsh shit she says. However, I hadn’t meant it. I only wanted a reaction from her but instead I feel guilty as hell.

She’s gonna make me pay for that one. You’d think at twenty-seven years old, I would’ve learned how not to put my foot in my mouth. 



The following day, I’m up bright and early to get my chores done before I have to go to the church for the ceremony. I never got to speak to Kenzie after the rehearsal because she avoided me at the dinner like usual. 

“See ya guys there!” I wave to Diesel and Riley as I walk to my truck. 

After a hot shower, changing into my suit, and combing my hair, I drive into town. When I arrive, Ethan’s parents and sister are in the groomsmen’s dressing room. 

“Grayson, you clean up so nice,” his mother, Emily says. 

“Yeah, man. Lookin’ good.” Ethan smirks, patting my back. 

“You gettin’ nervous yet?” 

“Nah. Been ready to marry Harper since I was a teen.” He beams, and I’m happy for him. Ethan and Harper were childhood friends up until last year when Harper asked him to pretend to be his fiancé. One thing led to another and a couple months later, they were actually engaged. Now she’s pregnant and they’re due in the fall. 

“Hey, can you give this letter to Harper for me?” Ethan asks his sister, Elle. “I want her to read it right away.”

“Sure thing, bro. I gotta wrangle the other bridesmaids anyway.” 

At that, I go search for Kenzie first. The church isn’t that big and since the bridal suite is at the opposite end of the hallway, it’s not hard to find her. Fortunately she’s alone. 

As soon as she sees me, she groans with an eye-roll. “What do you want?”

I rake my gaze down her body, appreciating every inch of skin that’s peeking out of her dress. Wavy blonde hair flows down her back, and I want to reach out and tug it. “Relax. Do you always come armed?”

“Around you I do.” 

“I was just comin’ to tell you how beautiful you look. Peach suits you.”

“It’s coral,” she corrects. 

“Alright, well whatever color it is, it’s pretty on you.” 

She stays silent, and I see her looking me over. After licking her lips, she swallows hard. Kenzie’s terrible at hiding her attraction to me. If I honestly thought it was one-sided, I wouldn’t push her so much. I won’t stop until she admits it or tells me why she’s hellbent on pushing me away every chance she gets.

“The proper response would be thank you,” I tease. 

“I don’t need your compliments, Grayson. Get the hint already.” She stalks off but I follow close behind. 

“Fine,” I mutter. “You look horrible. That color with your lipstick is all wrong.” 

She halts and I nearly collide into her back. Kenzie turns with a scowl. 

“Was that better for ya, princess?” Lowering my eyes down her chest, I notice her hard nipples peeking through the thin fabric. I raise my brows, and rub my fingers over my chin. “I’m guessing you liked it a lot.” 

“Seriously. You’re the fucking worst. Stop following me like a lost puppy.” 

“You like being degraded in the bedroom, don’t you? That’s why you always fight me.” I step closer and when she backs up into the wall, I cage her in with my arms. “It’s our version of foreplay, and I’m willing to bet if I felt between your thighs right now, you’d be soaking wet for me. Am I right?”

With a mischievous smirk, Kenzie arches her back, showing off her delicious cleavage. Then, she slams her hands against my chest, and I stumble back. “Too bad you’ll never find out.” 

Jesus fuck. She’s clawing at my patience. 

“Fine,” I say as she walks past me. “You finally ready to tell me what your deal is then?” I follow her until she spins around.

“You are.” 

“And what is it that I did?”

“If you don’t know, that’s your problem,” she snaps.

Frustration rolls through me. “Woman! I swear. Just tell me so I can like, I don’t know, apologize?” 

She sarcastically snorts. “I don’t want your apology.” 

“Then what do you want? What’s it gonna take for you to stop acting like a snotty princess?” I ask desperately. 

A corner of her lips tilt up as she crossesher arms. “I want revenge. And maybe then we’ll be even.” The amusement in her tone makes my heart pound. If I’ve learned anything about her over the years it’s that she doesn’t make promises she can’t keep.

“You’re insane. I didn’t even do anything.” I shake my head, moving away from her. 

I’ve had enough of this crazy train and if I don’t get off, I’m going to get sucked further into her web. I wish I could say I’ve had random hookups but between work and limited single ladies in town, there haven’t been many chances. Even if there was someone else, I know I’d be thinking of Kenzie the whole damn time. 

Once the wedding ceremony begins, it’s back to back action. We watch the newlyweds share their vows and first kiss, then we’re thrown into wedding party photos. Kenzie ignores me as we stand close and smile for the camera. It’s hard not to notice those luscious lips or feel the softness of her skin when she’s next to me. Hell, I notice everything about her.

By the time the reception begins, the majority of the guests are halfway to tipsy town. Kenzie’s been dancing with her cousins and I’ve been watching her while I drink. She might be the only sober one here, which means my plan to offer to drive her home has gone to shit. So instead I drink myself stupid and try to have a good time.

“You lookin’ pretty messed up there, Cowboy.”  

My vision blurs as I blink at Kenzie. She tilts her head and accesses me. 

I shrug, walking away.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where do you think you’re going, Grayson Harding?” 

The sound of her using my full name grabs my attention, even if her voice is different. Oh wait, she’s not scolding or shouting at me for once.

“To find someone to keep warm tonight,” I blurt out. 

Kenzie barks out a laugh. “Unless you plan to snuggle with Payton or Luke, your options are limited. Everyone’s married or over fifty ‘round here.”

It’s funny because Payton and Luke are the ranch hands who help Ethan with the goats, and they also very much like women. She’s right though, because most of the ladies here are taken or too old for me. That fact doesn’t explain why she came alone, however, she’s made it very clear she doesn’t date ranch hands. 

“And what would you do if I found someone else?” I ask curiously as I struggle to get my keys out of my pocket. “I’m not waitin’ forever, baby.”

She groans, then swipes the keys out of my hand. “You idiot. You can’t drive.” 

“Why do you care? You’d probably like me ending up in a ditch.” I’m rambling and blurting out shit, but I’m too drunk to care.

“I don’t but I worry about who you might hurt in the process. Let’s go.” She snatches my keys out of my hand and finds my truck in the parking lot.

I press my cheek against the window as Kenzie floors the gas pedal. Though she claims to hate me, she cared enough to keep an eye on me. She denies it, but she notices me. 

“Alright, can you get yourself up the stairs?” she asks once we arrive at my cabin. It’s not much but living quarters came with the ranch hand job. I’ve added personal touches but compared to the other houses on the ranch, it’s a shack. Someday I’ll build—when I have a wife and family of my own. 

“Totally,” I stutter, reaching for the door handle and missing it. After my third attempt, Kenzie groans and marches over to the passenger side.

When she whips it open, I nearly fall out. 

“Jesus, Grayson. What were you thinkin’ getting so drunk?” She steps closer and pulls my arm around her shoulders to steady me. 

“I was drinkin’ away my sorrows.”

She snort-laughs.

“Honestly, I was trying to gain the courage to ask you to dance.” I stumble as I move against her toward my house. “But then I got too sloshed and decided to just keep chuggin’.” 

“You really are a fool, you know that?” She opens the front door and leads us in. “Your room?”

“Down the hall…but it’s clothing optional.” I flash a smirk. 

“Really? I figured it’d be common sense that’s optional considering the bimbos I’ve seen you talk to.” 

“You jealous?”

She sets me down on my bed and looks at me. “Hardly.” 

I scoff because there’s only been two women I’ve hooked up in the past six years. Neither were from around here either. One was my ex-fiance and the other was a woman I slept with the night after I found out the love of my life had cheated.

“You gonna stay?” I ask, managing to kick off my shoes. “Or at least help me out of my tux.” 

“You can’t be serious,” she deadpans.

“It’s a rental. Can’t return it all to shreds.” I flash a devilish grin, hoping she takes the bait. 

“Fine. But don’t get any ideas, okay?” 

“Oh, sweetheart. It’s too late for that,” I drawl as she slowly unbuttons my dress shirt. Her intense gaze is on my chest as she avoids my eyes. “One is where I tie you up in my bed and—”

“You have some rope?” She arches a brow as she removes my tie.

“As a matter of fact, I do…cuffs as well.” 

She gives me a mischievous look. “No, I really like the rope idea…” 

“Oh shit, you’re kinky kinky. Don’t gotta tell me twice.” 

Once I’m down to my boxers, I grab some rope from the storage closet. When I return, Kenzie takes them from my hand. “Lay down in the middle.” 

I arch a brow, tempted to argue but don’t. Once I’m settled, she straddles my hips and grinds against me. Blood rushes to my dick and my heart races as her soft hands rub up my stomach. 

“Kenzie…” I growl, cursing the last five drinks I had because my head is fuzzy as hell. 

“Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?” she taunts in a sultry tone, bringing her mouth close to mine. 

“You have no idea.”

She brushes her mouth against mine but quickly backs away.

“Raise your arms,” she says seductively, licking her bottom lip. 

“Yes, ma’am.” I do as she says and watch her hogtie my wrists to the bed posts.

“Perfect,” she whispers in my ear.

“Now I can’t remove your clothes,” I pout, lowering my eyes down her curvy body.

“Guess I’ll have to give you a private show.” She stands and slowly unzips her dress.

“Fuck yes.” 

The gown falls to her feet and my eyes widen in shock at her sexy undergarments. Lace bra and matching thong, tan and toned legs, creamy skin. I’m already rock hard just looking at her. 

“Kenzie…I need to touch you.” 

“Hold your horses, Cowboy.” She grabs the other rope, twirling it around in her fingers. “I’m not done with you.” 

Once she’s at the end of the bed, Kenzie grabs my ankle. 

“No…” I yank my leg out of her grip, but she pulls it back. 

“You play by my rules or I leave,” she threatens, holding a serious stare. 

Goddammit, she’s testing me but I don’t want her to go. Not after finally reaching this point. 

“You need to lose the boxers though.”

Swallowing hard, I lift my hips so she can pull them down my legs. My cock springs free, hard and ready to feel her warm pussy. She ties my ankles, leaving me completely at her mercy. Gliding a finger along my leg, she inches closer to my shaft.

“Imagining you riding me has me hard as fuck, Kenzie.”

As she scans over my body, she bites her bottom lip. I notice the way her breathing hitches when she looks over my abs and erection. 

“C’mon, baby girl. You’re torturin’ me now.” I pull against the rope, desperate to touch her hard nipples. 

“I’ll be right back…” She moves toward the door, and I panic. “Just gonna freshen up in the bathroom.” 

“Hurry up.” I grin. 

She flashes a wink and backs out of my room. My body buzzes with anticipation. 

After all these years, it’s finally happening. Kenzie’s going to be mine.

Twenty minutes pass, and I call for her. No response. Then I shout louder. “Kenzie!”

I flail against my hold, the ropes not budging no matter how much I try. She fucking tied them tight as hell. After ten solid minutes of calling her name, I come to the conclusion she’s bailed. 

More time passes and I realize she’s not coming back. The anger viciously floods through me as I recall her earlier words. 

I want revenge. And maybe then we’ll be even.

Revenge for what though? I still have no clue what her issue with me is.

My phone’s still in the pocket of my pants and out of reach. It’s gotta be almost three in the morning and if the guys haven’t barged into my house by now, they’re already passed out and won’t be coming. Usually one of the Bishops or other ranch hands hang out here on the weekends but no such luck tonight. 

I’m fuckin’ screwed. 

Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up under the USA Today pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of Hallmark movies, overpriced coffee, and making TikToks. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day in 2016, they decided to collaborate under a pseudonym and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make you blush and your heart melt. HEAs guaranteed!

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