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Show Up. Be Seen. Stand Out. Are You Game?

Hello again,

Welcome back to the last "Great Things" newsletter of the decade :)

What a year 2019 has been. Pretty darn cr*p actually – not just for me but also for many folk I know this seems to have been one challenging year! Here's hoping 2020 is a little easier...

For now, I've rounded up a couple of the greatest things I've shared this year – according to the newsletter stats, these are the most-clicked links and/or the things you've replied to me most excitedly about :) 

The Latest & Greatest

This article – Are you really the 'real' you? – generated the most discussion/email responses in my inbox – and is one of my favourite reads of the year too. Once again, I think the greatest nugget is this realisation shared:

‘Hang on! I don’t have to do all those things any more. I don’t have to be someone’s son, or brother, or grandson, I can actually be… me.’


This article on the Economics of Writing was the 2nd most popular article I shared. It's essentially an in-depth way of saying that writing is still by far one of the most (cost) effective ways of getting yourself out there – whether that's to stand you in good stead for getting a (remote) job, or to promote your company and its products/services, or to spread an idea worth spreading. 


And finally, this nugget was (at least in my opinion) one of the most useful I've found this year!

Being able to actually copy text from photos you've uploaded to Google Photos...yes, actually just copy the text from a photo instead of having to type it out because you can't usually copy text from images...I don't think some folk realise quite what a big deal this is!!!

It only seems possible on the app on my phone (and not on my laptop) and is kind of fiddly to find – it's via the 'Lens' feature, but it's been so handy for getting the text from images/quotes I find on Instagram, without having to manually retype them out!

Show Up, Be Seen, Stand Out

I'm mulling over the ways I want to show up, be seen and stand out in 2020; the following are some of my main thoughts so far:

1. Get back into public speaking and be more visible in real life. I am already booked to speak at an event in Canada in September 2020, and at another smaller thing in June 2020, again in Canada. 

2. Do more writing. I want to write more but I'm not quite sure what I want to write yet so this clearly needs a little more work still! 

3. Get back to a more mission-based focus for Location Independent. I know the 'what', now I just need to implement and execute it. Watch this space as it takes shape in 2020!

If you need help doing your something great in 2020, these are the ways I can currently help: 

  1. Strategic support to help you show up.
  2. Branding support to help you be seen.
  3. Website support to help you stand out. 

If I can help you do something great* in 2020, let me know (just hit 'reply') – I'd love to be on your team next year.

By the way, ‘great’ is relative; you don’t have to be building the next Amazon to be great…it could be creating an income/building a business that fits around your kids and family (in my experience, that’s pretty great!).

In the meantime, I wish you a peaceful end to this decade and a stellar start (middle and finish) to the next one :) 

Happy New Year!

Lea x

Lea Jovy

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