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AFCA's priority is children safety ...we are staying at home and keeping distance till the regulations are announced to allow us to open our doors again...Stay safe.
(Keeping distance, but keeping in touch too)

أولوية أفكا هي سلامة الأطفال ... خلينا في البيت ونحافظ على المسافة حتى يتم الإعلان عن السماح لنا بفتح أبوابنا مرة أخرى

La priorité de l’AFCA est la sécurité des enfants… Restons à la maison et restons à distance jusqu’à nouvel ordre qui nous permettra d’ouvrir à nouveau nos portes… Restez en sécurité.

AFCA Arts Center - April 2020 Newsletter

AFCA organised the 10th edition of Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children in El-Minya, Cairo and Alexandria from the 2nd till the 10th of March 2020. 18 national and international performances were performed in 12 different venues around the three cities. The festival’s official opening took place on Fri. 6th of March at Tahrir Cultural Center, Home of the festival.
Throughout 9 days, children and their families were coming to watch performances and know about new cultures through a purely artistic perspective.
The festival included a Dutch focus with 4 performances, as well as 3 performances from the USA, among shows from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Canada. Besides the Egyptian focus with 7 performances by professional artists and 8 special projects as a side program.
The performances integrated (Object theater, Puppet theater, Shadow and Physical theater, Music, Storytelling shows and Contemporary dance).
In addition to hosting 10 directors and programmers of international festivals from 8 countries and organizing an important panel discussion, led by three of them, about Performing Arts for children industry around the world. 

It was a pleasure to see many of you, AFCA’s audience, coming and celebrating Hakawy’s 10th anniversary with us. Looking forward to having your support and seeing you in many AFCA’s events to come.

The After Festival Shows

AFCA Arts Center welcomes five Egyptian companies and artists who have already participated in Hakawy Festival 2020 with five amazing performances; (Look Away, Lulu!, Telephone Cassé, Dil-Hekaya, The Bird, Noussa Adventures) that would be presented again, but this time on AFCA’s stage.

Dates will be announced later.

Hakawy Out Of Cairo

As a founder of Hakawy, a 10 years old festival, AFCA has received the grant in the framework of the “ Euro-Egyptian Cultural Programme 2019-2020 in Egypt ''. Thus, for the first time Hakawy Festival will be held twice in the same year.

AFCA is creating a local three-days model of Hakawy festival with 5 national performances that would be touring around three governorates (Port-Saeed, Alexandria and El-Minya). 

This project is funded by the European Union Delegation to Egypt (EUD), in cooperation with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Cluster in Egypt.

Dates will be announced later.

Our Latest News

February was a very much vibrant month at AFCA.
AFCA’s Maadi premises has hosted six school trips from Lycée International Balzac, and another one from Lycée Albert Camus. In addition to the Winter day camp organized during the last week of February.

Children had an unforgettable experience and explored a lot through arts.
AFCA has prepared them a very exciting program, as they enjoyed the practical method of learning that AFCA’s artists apply by letting the children try everything and discovering all the materials by themselves.
The children got to cook some delicious recipes at Culinary arts, draw and paint their own thoughts at visual arts, bring up some good imaginations at storytelling workshops and express themselves freely at theater workshops.

AFCA opens up for Vodafone and Alwan Wa Awtar.

In collaboration with AFCA, Vodafone team has organized an informal business meeting on Fri. 6th of March at AFCA’s premises. The day was full with many team building activities.

Alwan wa Awtar team is also having a weekly workshop at AFCA that started on February the 15th and it’s still ongoing to facilitators to develop their Education through Arts knowledge.

AFCA for arts and culture

10 Demeshk street, Maadi Sarayat (in front of Maadi Sports Club)., Cairo

+20122 467 3435

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