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Hi Friends, 

Happy December and let the holiday craziness begin! This is a busy month for everyone, but take also means there are good holiday treats in the workroom! (Sometimes the little things keep us moving forward...) 😃 

We enjoyed partnering with 20/20 Technologies out of McCook, Nebraska, last month. They worked with us to remove and recycle a large number of old Promethean boards, giving Bayard Public Schools a fresh start on their new technology. They provide an awesome service, especially to smaller schools and districts lacking technology staff, so keep them in mind if you find yourself needing wireless, networking, E-rate help, or managed services.

Training dates in January are going fast, so please look to schedule inservice training dates sooner rather than later. 

We are making an effort to create more content that will help you implement our engaging technologies. Please let us know if there are questions we can answer with articles or video that you think might be helpful for your staff. As always, please share this newsletter if you feel it might benefit your colleagues.

Stay strong through the finish; winter break is almost here!  

--The ET Team                    


Holiday Gallery Pack

This newly renovated gallery pack contains fun holiday images, templates, multimedia and lessons/activities that have been adapted to a wider format, giving you more room on each page! ...more info

Winter Coordinate Fun

This advanced math activity for junior high and high school students contains a gallery function graphing tool - 'dressed-up' for winter! This tool will graph lines, functions, lines, inequalities, and more! ...more info


DEAR ET: Create Quick Sound Files For Mimio Lessons

We recently received the following question on how to create quick sound files for Mimio lessons. DEAR ET:  I downloaded an .ink file from MimioConnect that is used for word recognition, so it has audio recordings of words being pronounced. When I click the audio image, the following error message pops up: “Missing codec for…

FREEBIE: Mimio Lessons Using Dice

We’re sharing these Mimio lessons using dice just in time for you to use on National Dice Day, December 4th. What’s that? You’re not in the habit of celebrating National Dice Day? (Come on, we’re not expecting ALL of you to get excited about it) Well, that’s okay too. The awesome thing about the activities…

VIDEO: Using the Mimio Color Picker Tool to Modify Mimio Activities

Using the Mimio Color Picker Tool in MimioStudio interactive software is an easy way to modify Mimio Activities downloaded from MimioConnect so that they correlate with your classroom style, images you add to the lesson, or color schemes you are using for specific holidays. This is especially true when downloading Mimio activities straight from MimioConnect,…

VIDEO: Easy Grading Timesavers Using GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms

GradeCam Scored Assignment Forms provide a way for teachers to easily collect and record an overall score for assignments that don’t necessarily fit the traditional bubble format. These easy-to-make forms are great for large projects, class presentations, constructed responses, speeches and existing worksheets.  By filling in just a score on the form, scores can quickly be scanned…

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