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2022 Releases
Seeds of Revenge

Rebellion. Revulsion. Revenge. What heinous tragedies befall this young creature. In healing she finds only death. In shelter she finds only pain. In love she finds only loss. After years of turmoil, Revenge moves to unravel the violent empire that created her. Will vengeance bring her peace, or in victory will she find only doom?


Peter and his men venture on after The Madness Wars to test their theories and stretch their limits. Mayloch Bull and his freedom fighters struggle to save the nation of Corlene from itself, and the eye of Peter Redfist has landed directly upon him.

Seeds of Tarako

Disgraced, shamed, and titled a monster, Tarako is exiled from his nation for radical ideas of genocide. He finds himself fighting to regain the favor of his goddess through the lessons this new land has to teach him.

Reality of the Unreal Mind, Vol 3: The Keep

What creates the person we are and the person we become? Teller takes a closer look at family lineage, formative friendships, and lasting memories that gave him hope. Includes an in-depth showcase of his early writing career, experiences parenting with DID, and a climactic view of his relationship with God. A stunning conclusion to a story rife with struggle.

First Tree

The king of Syphere sends forces after a fleeing Rambler, a former bodyguard of his elusive queen. His new general pursues the fugitive deep into the ancient Forest of the First Tree. The more villages she decimates, the more she realizes Tack the Hornet Rider is a quarry she cannot lose. The destruction in her wake only adds to her glory. What forces of nature could possibly stop her?

The Silent War of the Sour Eye

Here's your access to The Silent War of the Sour Eye. The recently expanded short story collection includes: 

The Banshee
The Slave
The Gilded Mares
Son of the Demontser
The Forge of Souls
The Master of the Hoodsmen

Jesse Teller

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