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Isabela Merced unveils a gorgeous lyric visualizer for her “Caliente Navidad” single

Isabela Merced is a talented singer-songwriter and acclaimed actress from Cleveland, Ohio. Not too long ago, she released a gorgeous lyric visualizer for her “Caliente Navidad” single, which tells an adoring tale about a young woman who shares a romantic moment in time with her significant other. Apparently, they are having a great time getting to each other as they gear up for a red hot holiday season. Later, the woman tells her companion to let go, come closer, and let the spirit take over.

“Last year, I was able to spend Christmas with my family in Peru, and it was by far the warmest feeling ever. It was a lot of dancing, eating, and the fun didn’t stop until the next day. Also, on Christmas, my family makes chocolate Caliente, and cuts Paneton. Then the celebrations start with lots of dancing. One of our traditions is the Alcatraz, a Peruvian dance. My hope is everyone gets to have a Caliente Navidad. Whether it’s in a warm place or just a warm Christmas surrounded by those you love.” – Isabela Merced stated

Isabela Merced made it to Broadway in Evita at just ten-years-old. As an actress, she appeared in acclaimed films including Sicario: Day of the Soldado, Instant Family, Transformers: The Last Knight, and Dora and the Lost City of Gold as the iconic title character. Not to mention, she starred in the NETFLIX favorite “Let It Snow.”

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Shirazee unveils an appealing audiovisual for his “AFRICAN IN NEW YORK” song

Shirazee is a Benin-born-and-raised singer-songwriter based in New York City. Not too long ago, he released an appealing audiovisual for his “AFRICAN IN NEW YORK” single featuring Sarz. The song holds sentimental value, as Shirazee sheds light on chasing a dream in the city’s streets while being homeless. The song summarizes his life story in a little more than three minutes. Shirazee worked with Nigerian producer Sarz for the track, which was inspired by his mother’s love for Sting and his journey living in various countries. Also, Shirazee got Sting’s blessing to sample his classic 1987 single, “Englishman in New York.”

“I was living with the people that liked my music and who discovered me online. I’d live in their basement and on couches for a while. It got tiring and I was about to quit. Until I met a lady named Samira. She literally saw her son in my eyes and took me in. Bottom line: the struggle was not sexy, but we made it.” – Shirazee stated

‘AFRICAN IN NEW YORK’ is a colorful Afropop reinterpretation that serves as a wonderful taste of what listeners can expect to hear on Shirazee’s debut EP, entitled, “LOST.” 

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Sai releases an incredibly adorable R&B tune, entitled, “High”

Sai (pronounced ‘say’, a backronym for ‘Sing About It’) is a talented London-based singer-songwriter from Manchester, England. Not too long ago, she released an incredibly adorable R&B tune, entitled, “High”, which tells a fascinating tale about a young woman who experiences a romantic moment in time with her significant other. Apparently, she plans to take her affectionate mate on an ecstatic ride—very far up to where the stars, Venus, and Mars reside. Later, they travel on a sensual plane ride to outer space, where they have no plans of ever coming back down to Earth.

“I wanted to write a song about the state of high and the crazy place you are taken to when you do ‘that thing’ with the right person.” – Sai explained

Written in the height of a sexual exploit, “High” explores the feeling of deep desire, laced with the craving of satisfying someone. It would be an understatement to say Sai blesses our ears with her killer vocals. 

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Artist to Watch
NOA unveils a superb lyric visualizer for her “Another You” single

How amazing would it be to find a better version of your ex after a breakup? Someone who has only their qualities and good traits? Like most of us, NOA wishes it was as simple as that. In “Another You,” the artist-to-watch takes listeners through the journey of ending an unhealthy relationship and yearning for someone new.

“‘Another You’ is an anthem for anyone trying to get over a breakup. The song is about wishing you had a new version of your ex but with only their good parts.” – NOA explained

It seems that NOA has a secret recipe for making addictive tracks, and “Another You” is no exception. The emotional tune contains a relationship-based narrative, enchanting vocals, and harmonious melodies that are sure to pull on your heartstring.

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Artist on the Rise
Layla Kardan unveils a riveting post-breakup tune, entitled, “No Place”

Layla Kardan is a singer-songwriter and model based in the United Arab Emirates. Not too long ago, she released a riveting post-breakup tune, entitled, “No Place,” which finds Layla Kardan exploring the darkest angles of an unhealthy relationship. The poignant tune dives deep into a loveless relationship, in which Layla’s soulful vocals and vivid lyrics deliver another emotional blow. Also, “No Place” contains a relationship-based narrative and tuneful melodies that are sure to pull on your heartstring.

“‘No Place’ is dedicated to all my ex-boyfriends who were too afraid of losing control and share their emotions. But chose instead to control the narrative by keeping the relationship’s existence only on the surface while projecting their insecurities.” – Layla Kardan explained

Layla Kardan is a part of a new generation of fearless creative talent redefining music, fashion, and culture in Dubai. She works closely with A’Y, the music producer pushing new sounds in the region.

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Artist on the Rise
JUDY releases a lovely neo-soul tune, entitled, “Is It Me”

JUDY is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. Not too long ago, she released a lovely neo-soul tune, entitled, “Is It Me,” which tells a heartfelt tale about a young woman who shares a challenging relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she’s not the type to seek validation from anyone who can’t love her the way she loves herself. Later, she alleges that maybe her companion thinks that she is too much to handle.

“‘Is It Me’ is about self-doubt, self-acceptance, and moving on. We all come to a point where we are questioning ourselves. Should I have behaved differently? Why is this happening? Am I doing something wrong? Is it me? This song is about going through this process and realizing your worth. Focus on the things that matter to you and the people who care for you.” – JUDY explained

JUDY takes inspiration from artists like BANKS, James Blake, Kevin Garrett, H.E.R., and Snoh Aalegra. She expresses her music through colors and contrasts. These elements in combination with her deep and breathy voice make JUDY an artist-to-watch.

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Artist on the Rise
Foster releases his “fools (can’t help falling in love)” single featuring Sody & Sarcastic Sounds

Foster is a Chattanooga-born rapper based in Nashville, TN. Not too long ago, he released his “fools (can’t help falling in love)” single featuring fast-rising British singer-songwriter Sody and producer Sarcastic Sounds. "fools..." is a song filled with mixed emotions, lovelorn yearning, self-doubt, and joy. Furthermore, “fools…” takes the timeless Elvis’s staple and transforms it into an even more easy-to-love anthem. Also, Foster’s rework streamlines the original track’s core message from back in 1961 into one of unrequited love for the emos of 2020.

“There was something about the night I first started writing ‘fools (can’t help falling in love)’. I was alone in my car parked in the rain listening to the beat (produced by Sarcastic Sounds), when the lyrics in the sample just struck a chord with me. I had heard the song [Can’t Help Falling in Love] a million times before. But, in this moment, it felt different. Also, it sparked a lot of emotion and inspiration for me. And I started thinking about how often I ‘rush in’ like a fool and end up falling into a one sided love-story with girls who are way out of my league. That’s something I deal with on a regular basis and it comes with a lot of emotional consequences. So I really wanted to capture exactly that. And try to add a new element to the original song that people like me could relate to on a deeper level.” – Foster explained

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Emily Chambers unveils an impressive neo-soul tune, entitled, “Start Again”

‘Start Again’ hits the sweet spot. The evergreen tune reminds listeners that they have to courageously take risks in order to secure their desired lifestyles. Time, the indefinite continued progress of existence, waits for no one. Therefore, it’s best to not accept a mediocre life that you never intended on living in the first place. Emily Chambers believes you can change the outcome of your life by simply getting rid of the things that are holding you back from experiencing a life worth living.

Angelina Jordan unveils a spectacular debut single, entitled, “Million Miles”

Angelina Jordan is a 14-year-old critically acclaimed Norwegian vocalist based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, the media darling formally introduced herself with an official debut single, entitled, “Million Miles”, via Republic Records. 

‘Million Miles’ is about losing someone you really love. This song is very personal to me because I had never felt the feeling of losing someone before I wrote this. – Angelina Jordan explained

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Bong Mines At Home video series

Sheralyn May performs an acoustic version of her “Baby You” single LIVE via Bong Mines At Home series

Sheralyn May is an up-and-coming 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Not too long ago, she performed an exclusive acoustic version of her “Baby You” single LIVE via Bong Mines At Home series. Check out Sheralyn’s soul-stirring video performance and you will understand why we chose her as the first artist to perform in our At Home video series.

“My latest single is about falling in love with someone. You having no control over the emotions you have towards them. And no matter what you do, you can’t get your mind off them. It’s about just letting go, letting things just unfold naturally, and just seeing what happens with them basically. So, if you are currently in a relationship, or you’re talking to someone, or you have a massive crush on someone, this song is for you.” – Sheralyn May stated 

As a credible source for new music discovery, we take great pride in highlighting tomorrow’s most promising stars and deserving artists from every musical genre. One of these artists is Sheralyn May, who is well on her way to securing the top spot on everyone’s playlist.

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A Novel by Zangba Thomson
“Three Black Boys: Tomorrow After Supper”

The location is South-side Jamaica, a rough and tough neighborhood in Queens, New York, and home to Babita Harris, an uninsured single parent who falls ill after returning home from vacation. She is taken to a hospital, where Salome McBryant diagnoses her with having black fever disease, which has done a significant amount of damage to her liver. With a couple of months to live, Babita's only hope of survival is a costly liver transplant. But with no health insurance, the chance of surgery is slim. What she needs is a quarter of a million dollars in cash. And that's when Barnes, her only son, along with his best friends, Demus and Baker, spring into dangerous action to get the money. Though their road is paved with good intentions, the brothers in arms are in for a few surprises and a whole lot of heat in this supernatural thriller which tells two remarkable tales of crime and redemption.

  • "Thomson's ear for street-slang vernacular is effective in bringing his characters to life and creates a chillingly real backdrop.- Kirkus Discoveries Review Y

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