Five expressive faces that would work great for a comic book panel!

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This week I'm moving into a new place. By the time this piece gets published I'll already be there! Hopefully the internet connection will transfer smoothly so that I can keep up with the new emails.

Speaking of internet, I have a new round of images culled from shows I have been watching that stood out for their expressiveness. They'd make great studies for emotional states for any artist who draws comics. Let's begin:


From Lord of the Rings. Portrayed by Liv Tyler.

Arwen the elven princess has stopped the chase from her opponent the Ring Wraiths just long enough to pause beside a river's edge. They taunt her with insisting she deliver Frodo, unconscious over to them so they can get the Ring off him. Her answer, "Then come claim him!" Note the power and confidence in her eyes, staring with direct resolve. Note also the lowered head.

Marie Schrader

From Breaking Bad. Portrayed by Betsy Brandt.

This was a hard scene to watch. Husband Hank Schrader has been gunned down. He's in the hospital. Marie is just now hearing this on the phone. I can see the left eye (our left) that is strangely jutting off into the infinite distance. Sister Skyler is across from her. I think they were talking about dinner plans, or something trivial like that. That's how these things happen, they interrupt. Betsy caught that tipping point perfectly in this image. Something has gone terribly wrong.

Kim Wexler

From Better Call Saul. Portrayed by Rhea Seehorn.

Sorry for all the yellow. The scene was originally very dark. I tried to boost up the image. Kim Wexler is going through her client's photographs, brought to her by a small time burglar for hire. She needs to get some dirt on him. I won't spoil exactly what it was, but it involves a certain photograph that connects with another image on the wall. An 'ah-ha' moment. There's a hint of greed, maybe anticipation of charging into battle that you can read into her eyes and satisfied grin.


From Dispatches from Elsewhere. Portrayed by Eve Lindley.

Dispatches is a great show I highly recommend it! Simone and three other people routinely meet at a coffee shop to report on their progress getting through a game/publicity stunt/experiment performed by a man named Octavio. It's all very strange, a lot of mystery. Here Eve perfectly captures that sense of 'wait a minute' look in her face. Any comic book artist should take note of the wrinkled lips and creased brows.

Skyler White

From Breaking Bad. Portrayed by Anna Gunn.

Another Breaking Bad entry, but it's a great show with great acting, particularly facial expressions. Here Skyler is in a key moment contemplating what to do next. She knows about Walter's illegal drug manufacturing. She's surrounded by danger, even though Walter assures her not to worry. Her feminine intuition has been triggered. What's more, there's a little baby to take care of. She's worried about the crossfire. Anna stares at something but is looking inward really. Another tipping point moment.

There you have it.

Have a great weekend!

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