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“It’s good to be better, but it’s better to be different. Different is better than better.” — @SallyHogshead


Sunday, August 16, 2020 | Melbourne, Australia




I love this assertion from branding expert, speaker and best-selling author, the delightfully-named Sally Hogshead.

Sally runs a business based around her The Fascinate® test, billed as the world’s first personal brand test, which measures your most fascinating and impressive qualities. Sally reports that over one million professionals have taken her test.

Being the best isn’t enough, if nobody notices or cares, Sally writes.

"The best idea can’t win, just like the best person can’t win, if they fail to earn any attention in the first place.

"The good news is, you can compete," she writes. "You can be the best in a competitive environment— if you use your natural personality advantages to attract the attention you need to succeed."

What makes you different?

P.S. If you want to experience Sally in full flight, I recommend listening to this podcast interview. It's a ripper!

P.P.S. I love how Sally 'owns' her surname!


Shout-out of the fortnight (File Under: "I wish I wrote this")

This fortnight’s shout-out goes to ... Matt Desmier, who does "Strategy and stuff" for his wonderfully-named consulting business, Wise Old Uncle.

I love a good rant, especially when it's heartfelt and comes from a sharp mind, which is the case in this instance. Listen to Matt. He knows stuff.

As an aside, I love Matt's Twitter bio. It reads: 

I'm audacious, vivacious and tenacious. I try to be gracious; people tell me I'm loquacious and sometimes veracious. But rest assured, I am always bodacious.

Sally Hogshead would be proud!



Best practice LinkedIn

People often ask me what do I consider to be best practice content on LinkedIn (along with other social channels). I'm like an informational bowerbird - I collect this stuff. So when I see a post that jumps out at me and makes me go: "Oh yeah, that is clever" - I like to share it around.

Here's a classic example. Blockchain Australia CEO Steve Vallas posted this the other day (below). What does it tell you? That Steve is out and about. He's connected. He's making things happen. He's building a war-chest of relevant information that will be useful for members of the organisation he heads. And by tagging people, he's drawing more people into the conversation.

But it's not chest-beating. He's taking people behind-the-scenes of his day-to-day, and with it, the world of Blockchain Australia.



Did you know ...

That my blog PR Warrior - first established back in 2007 -has had a new coat of virtual paint?

I know, right? Here you go ... 


This article shattered me

I know this newsletter is supposed to be about thought leadership and building a credible personal brand that becomes recognised for all the right reasons, but ...

I read this article on Friday and it's brutal, but compelling. Having spent two weeks in the Big Apple late last year, it makes it all the more sad.


The article is written by James Altucher, a crazy-haired, razor-sharp personal branding powerhouse (see what I did there?) - someone who has proven more than most that if you publish stuff that people want to watch/read/listen to, then you'll create impact and build an audience that you'll be able to monetise at some point.

Altucher is an entrepreneur, angel investor, chess master and standup comedian - a true multipotentialite! His catchcry - "Choose yourself" - is a good one. How could you not love a guy who boasts a Twitter bio that says: "For some reason, I've turned myself inside out and all my guts have spilled onto my blog."? 


Tool/app of the fortnight

This one's for the podcasters out there. It's called Squadcast

The spiel: "Record remotely, simplify editing and create engaging podcasts with an intuitive platform that allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere."

Basically, it's a browser-based podcast recording app which, importantly, doesn't require those being interviewed to download any software.

What I like about Squadcast:

  1. It's easy to use for both the host and guests
  2. It's designed to record provide the best audio recording possible (given the variables involved such as internet quality and equipment being used e.g. microphones)
  3. It features video so interviewer and interviewee/s can see each other, but records only audio (in separate tracks that can be mixed together into the one file with the click of a mouse).

Squadcast offers a free 7-day trial, and definitely worth a look if you're a podcaster and not happy with your current arrangement i.e. Zoom, Skype etc.


Do you want to ...

Join the Revolution!


How does Brigette Hyacinth get such massive engagement for her LinkedIn content?

Data geek and analytics whiz Andrew Bruce Smith shamefully confesses that he had never heard of Brigette Hyacinth "until last Friday" (July 11th, to be exact). 

It was only when Andrew looked at the engagement performance of LinkedIn content on other social platforms such as Facebook, that he discovered that Brigette was responsible for 6 out of the 7 top performing LinkedIn articles of the last 12 months globally (data was sourced from Buzzsumo).

And so Andrew did what Andrew does: he unpacked the data and gleaned the insights as to how Brigette has achieved this level of reaction to her content on LinkedIn and beyond.

Check out his article here.


This quote caught my attention

“In Tom’s world, it’s always better to try a swan dive and deliver a colossal belly flop than to step timidly off the board while holding your nose.”

Fast Company, on Tom Peters (aka "the Red Bull of management thinking")


Hit “reply”

I'm excited to be writing to you in this format. Let’s keep it personal!  I encourage you to hit “reply” and let me know what’s on your mind:

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Thanks for reading! Until next time ...




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