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I’m happy to say my new release WITH LOVE, MONTANA: Big Sky Mavericks and Friends is steadily improving in the rankings, which is a huge relief. Releasing a new book into the giant market of reading material is a bit stressful. I sort of hold my breath and hope readers find it.

Of course, to help readers, I do everything I can to help make the book discoverable. Like attractive memes, book trailers, Facebook and Instagram posts, and guest blogs.

One of my favorite guest blogs is with fellow Tule author and fabulous copyeditor Nan Reinhardt comes out today.

One commenter will be rewarded with a $10 Amazon gift card. I’ll share the direct link on Facebook as soon as it’s available, but you can always check out Nan’s website:

And here’s my new trailer. I’d love your feedback.

I also made two different kinds of A+ images for the book’s Amazon landing page: landscape and trope gift boxes.

In case you missed it, here’s the booklink:

Download WITH LOVE, MONTANA for just 99¢
or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Our travels continue…

We left Flaming Gorge reluctantly. The golden aspens were even richer in color than when we arrived, but a new chill was in the air so we headed south through the cute, dinosaur-infested town of Vernal. (It seemed like every business sported some sort of personalized dinosaur. 7-11’s was orange, green, and white.)

The drive on Highway 89 was both interesting and long, but we made good time and even stopped at an antique store in Panguitch because it was too early to check into our next campground tropic (about five miles east of Bryce Canyon NP).

I knew we were almost to Bryce when Colleen texted me this photo.

Our first night’s RV Park was really just a row of RV hook-ups between two corridors of motel rooms. We were not amused. Before heading to the canyon the next morning, we moved to a real RV park a few miles up the road. This one was great. We were even treated to a full moon (and a guy walking around in a towel). LOL.

But the real treat was Bryce Canyon Nation Park. Here are a few of the 50+ pics I took as we drove from vista point to vista point, walked, explored, and ate our picnic lunch in this very cool national park.

The park itself is one road in and out. We stopped at each of the turn-outs if there was a parking place. If not, we kept going and hit the ones we missed on the way back. The end-of-the-road takes you to Yovimpa Point, where you have a panoramic view that stretches for miles and miles.

They say on a clear day you can see the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

On the bristlecone loop, you can get up-close and personal with bristlecone pines. These are true survivors that have chosen to live in an extremely challenging environment. Although the oldest bristlecone pines (in the White Mountains) are 5,000 years old, the Bryce Canyon trees are mere youngsters—just 1,600 years old.

Windblown and pooped, we headed back to our new RV park. Luckily, at a stop for gas I found the perfect local beer to celebrate our awesome day of exploration.

Today, my awesome hubby Paul and I are celebrating our 49th wedding anniversary. Neither of us can believe we’re nearly to that hallowed golden anniversary milestone. Yikes! Where has the time gone? Our kids are helping us plan a family celebration/trip next year, but this year, we decided to celebrate with two other couples who actually have been married longer than we have.

I’ll share a group pic next week. In the meantime, here’s an oldy but goody from 1974. Our after party was held in the basement of a local restaurant/nightclub called the Townhouse. Interestingly, after the recent passing of Jimmy Buffet, someone shared that he’d stayed in Brookings for a few weeks and performed there in the early 1970s when he was just getting started. (Pretty sure not the night of our wedding. LOL)

Next week, I’ll finish up this travelogue with Capitol Reef NP–another amazing gift of nature.

If you’re reading WITH LOVE MONTANA, you may have run across one of my favorite quotes (from Serena’s father) in Montana Cowboy (originally titled Nobody’s Cowboy). I read it the other night and it made me smile. Hope it does you, too.

Happy reading,


Coming Next:

10/26: Travel pics, part 4––and we’re off again...guess where?



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