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We at GLL are proud to observe the impressions and stories of the day of GLL Forum and Awards rippling through media and other awards - local as well as global. Bright and generous personalities are noticed and acknowledged as much as possible spreading the ideas of openness, sharing, constant learning, critical curiosity, daily creativity and pro-active personal, professional, social position.

GLL Forum 2019

Listen to GLL Forum 2019 on LRT Radio

Once again Forum of Global Professionals suggested for contemplation the topics and angles that inspire to take initiative in drawing your own boxes for thinking out of them. They included but were not limited to:

  • Appreciation of diversity 
  • Singing the ecology
  • Learning philanthropy
  • Making science hot and trendy 
  • Leading global robotics from a small town

We believe that makes this Forum stand out and lead! Listen to some of our community members speak on LRT Radio HERE >>

GLL Talks | On a Mission to Make Science Hot

Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards 2019, scientist of behavioural economics Dr. AGNĖ KAJACKAITĖ shared tips and tricks of making science the hottest topic of the popular shows and magazines. The choice of a topic of applicable nature, with catchy key-words in the title, crossing the borders towards the business world is a promising start towards viral scientific success. As an outgoing personality and a vivacious speaker, Agnė is promoting science as super exciting occupation. Find the notes of Agnė's speech at GLL Forum HERE >> 

GLL Talks | Global Robotics in Šilutė

At Global Lithuanian Awards 2018EIVANAS MASKVYTIS was awarded in the category of Global Experience for Local Change as a global professional who came back from Swedish Ericsson to little town Šilutė with the dream to create global opportunities for local young talent to join the world of robotics. What started as a self-made DIY class called Tavo Robotas has been transforming into a growing community of mechatronics engineers studying in foreign universities and engaging in international projects. Even in his wildest dreams, Eivanas could not imagine some of the present developments of Tavo Robotas but with generous support of science philanthropist Arvydas Janulaitis it rocks the world. Find the notes from Eivanas speech at GLL Forum HERE >> 

4 Ways Global Expat Leaders Can Scale Your Business

What are the key ways to scale your business using global expat advisory? The group discussion "Global Advisory for Scaling Local Business" powered by TRIBE Global Leaders Search told stories of expats serving as board members of Lithuanian companies, international mentors, GLL business advisors, agents/networkers abroad and facilitators of start-up ecosystem. Find the key take-aways from the discussion HERE >> 

Global Lithuanian Awards 2019 | Laureates

Mūsų Metas Dabar | For Connecting Global Voters

One can only admire the range of topics Laureate of GLA 2019 RIMVYDAS BALTADUONIS covers in exceptionally professional way. Besides his astonishing academic career in prominent US institutions such as Gettysburg College (PA) and currently Columbia University (NY), he has been actively engaged in a number of social initiatives. With the Global Lithuanian Award, we expressed the gratitude and acknowledgement of outstanding engagement of global Lithuanians in the most recent elections and citizenship referendum by the initiative within the World Lithuanian Community MŪSŲ METAS #DABAR. Watch a short video about the initiative HERE >>

Marius Jason Jakulis | For Investments into the Future

GLL is proud to be among the first to pay respect to numerous deeds of investor, innovator and philanthropist MARIUS JAKULIS JASON.  He came back from the USA in the early 90s. First, he brought modern practices to very young Lithuanian copyright law. Then, he put Vilnius on the global maps of Radisson and Kempinski hotel locations. Finally, he is among the first in the country to build and develop philanthropical traditions through MJJ FONDAS meant to enable young science researchers and professors to work in Lithuania, to issue grants to young talents for their global studies, as well as finance innovative science startups. Watch a short video on Marius' deeds HERE >> 

Clubs of Global Professionals | Events


BERLIN | Forum Lithuanian Professionals in Germany

On January 25, 2020, Forum of Lithuanian Professionals in Germany, organised by joint efforts of LEO in Berlin and GLL, brought together as many as 40 people from 8 German cities to Berlin. They devoted their Saturday to expand their professional and personal contact base, learn Lithuanian news, establish and strengthen professional ties with Lithuania as well as get inspired for the foundation of clubs in their own cities.
Nicely, the outcome of this Forum resembles the take-outs of the Stockholm meeting of Nordic clubs which took place last November: 

  1. Joint efforts make greater impact.
  2. Competence map of Lithuanian global minds – a necessity and a primary objective. 
  3. Cross-border networking – more possibilities for professional growth.
  4. Youth and business mentorship – meaningful bond with Lithuania.

Find some more impression from the event HERE >>

LOS ANGELES | Entertainment Business Networking

Wonderful story of business advisory started with the request of Lava Drops Lava Guitars to GLL for entertainment industry connections in the USA. It continued as their dialogue with global Lithuanian professionals from Lithuanian American Business Association in Los Angeles which led to their participation at The NAMM Show in Los Angeles and was crowned by the closed specialised networking with music entertainment industry professionals!
Lava Drops founder and creator Rapolas Gražys started the event by sharing the secrets of combination of deep nature with cutting edge technology to produce playable art – electric guitars that provide a grounding experience of sound and touch. The night moved into live guitar demonstrations by an accomplished Lithuanian guitar player Robertas Semeniukas later joined by talented musicians and singers Monika Marija, Gregory Michael, Steve Cooke, and Sheri Pedigo. Find out more HERE >>

OSLO | Trends of Digitalisation in Norway and Lithuania | Feb 6

Organisations representing Lithuanian business in Norway – Lithuanian-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce as well as LPO - Lithuanian Professionals in Oslo – will kick off the new year with the seminar on digitalisation trends in Norway and Lithuania with distinguished key speakers – Vice-Minister of Economy and Innovations of Lithuania Elijus Čivilis and Vice-President at Telenor Research Ieva Martinkėnaitė.

If you happen to be in Oslo on February 6, that is the place to be. REGISTER HERE>>

GLL Offers | Job Oppenings

Be part of the sustainability development in Lithuania

GLL continues to look for attractive opportunities for global professionals to come home. Our partner VESTA  is a full-service sustainability consultancy, and they are currently looking for a Corporate Sustainability Consultant to join their team in Vilnius! VESTA helps businesses to operate in a more sustainable manner and succeed on the edge of change. It drives innovation in 3 key areas – built environments, business practices and public awareness. “We are a young and target driven team eager to help businesses to introduce the principles of sustainable development and contribute to their long-term success”, says Evaldas Savickis, CEO of Vesta Consulting JSC.
We at GLL would be proud if a global Lithuanian played an active part in reaching sustainability goals back home. Currently, the company is looking for a change-maker who would drive, create and execute corporate sustainability policies. Read more and apply until Feb 14 HERE >>

LT Big Brother | New Season on the Way

Become a Mentor | Join the Community

In 11 years, the program has built up a network of 260 experienced mentors from more than 20 countries of 4 continents representing various industries – from arts to engineering, from business to science, and many combinations of all. Join them for Season 12 of LT Big Brother – help future professionals/young mentees by leading them through confusing career selection process. This year, the program will focus on growing world-wider.
We encourage our members to try mentorship as exciting learning experience and become a part of vibrant interactive network. To find out more or just become a mentor, contact LT Big Brother coordinating team or send us your motivational letter to  

New cities joined | Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm

Last season, 189 mentors were paired into 281 mentoring pairs with Lithuania and the UK leading the score among six program regions – Lithuania, the UK, Scandinavia, USA, Benelux, and the Global. This year, the renewed and expanded team has been working with the Lithuanian Professional Clubs in Europe and the USA aiming to increase the number of mentorship pairs in such cities as Berlin, Dublin, Oslo, Stockholm as well as Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The plan minimum foresees the increase of number of mentors to 200 and make as many as 300 pairs.
Each region will organise mentorship promotion campaigns with belief that learning works both ways and fulfils the curiosity needs of mentors as well as mentees. See for details on LT Big Brother Facebook of Linkedin


We Go Again! | Eurovision Song Contest

New title for national Eurovision selection and who will represent Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest this year.

Lithuania's national Eurovision selection has a new title – We Go Again! – and a logo evoking constant movement and creativity. On FEB 15, during the national finale vote to select the winner who will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Tune in for live We Go Again! web broadcast on HERE >>

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