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My coworker... very excited to bring you the next selection from the amazing Alpha Obsession authors! He's not even getting out of bed until he finishes what Kara Lockharte and Cassie Alexander have gifted upon us mere mortals.

BOOK NEWS: Sooooo close! One more week! I'm a busy little bee putting final touches on edits before slapping this file in Amazon's system. And with one week away, how about a dirrrrrrty snippet?

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*** NSFW! ***

He cupped her, finger barely sliding into her wet heat. His eyes glowed when he rolled them upwards to meet her look. “Is that where you need me, babygirl?” he asked, voice thick and full.

Colette bit down on her lower lip and nodded.

Dash’s mouth hitched up at one side in a delicious, devious smirk. “Oh no,” he told her with a slow shake of his head. “You’ve given me enough silent treatments. Tell me what you want.”

She thought her brain would melt out of her ears. Hot man, sexy man, drawing her out. He always felt like she played with fire, but now she wanted to burn.

“Yes,” she gasped. “That’s where I need you.”

He pumped into her slowly, then raised his eyes to hers once again. “And?”

Colette licked her lips. “Lick me,” she commanded. “Let me ride your fingers. Make me come.”

He growled sharply as he dropped to his knees and buried his head between her legs.

Colette let her head fall back with the first savage swipe of his tongue through her folds. A shudder passed through her at the second. Her breath heaved in her lungs as she… as she…

Dash growled again and pressed kisses to the insides of her thighs. His chuckle sounded dangerously smug when she groaned in frustration.

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New from friends!

Priestess of Storms & Stone (Rogue Ethereal Book 5)

If there is one lesson I've been taught in my life, it's that fairies are the absolute worst.

Finding a fledgling succubus in Faerie is like locating a needle inside a realm-sized haystack. With a guide I can't trust and a goal more ephemeral than smoke, my odds of success are tenuous at best. Not to mention, as the last Elemental in existence, I have a giant target painted on my back.

Because one half of Faerie wants me dead, and the other half wants to use me as a sacrifice to open the gates to Earth. But I swore I would find my quarry, and I will. Even if I have to rip the entire realm apart to do it.

There is a storm coming to Faerie, and that storm is me.


Darkness Rising: A Limited Edition Fantasy and Urban Fantasy Collection

Few can survive the rising dark.

Join unimaginable paranormal creatures in epic battles or enjoy a heart-stopping romance that will take your breath away.

In this collection of paranormal romance and fantasy novels, witches, wolves, demons, and demigods haunt the pages as they fight against the pull of darkness.
But will they succeed?

Fans of Ilona Andrews and Deborah Harkness will devour this soul-scorching collection of 24 novels from today’s USA Today bestsellers and talented new authors!

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