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Best Sellers June


No change to our two top titles this month. 

‘Phosphorescence: On Awe, Wonder and Things That Sustain You When the World Goes Dark’ sold 1932 copies (-302).

‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ sold 1091 copies (-260).

‘Dark Emu: Aboriginal Australia and the Birth of Agriculture’ rose from #13 to #3 with 1089 sales this month (+587).

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The sales KPIs show an impressive bounce back in NZ and Australia in June. AU was up 13% on last year but NZ was ahead of this with a massive +25% increase. Clearly pent up demand is being released.

Sales in May/June 2019 vs. April/May 2020:

  • Australia: -6/+13%
  • New Zealand: -11/+25%

System traffic

  • 1.7 million page views in Jun vs 2.1 million in May 2020 the reduction likely due to the easing of lockdowns and people returning to walking in the door. 

Development in June

In June we delivered improvements to API's, customer order picking and website. Infrastructure & technology upgrades remain the biggest areas of work at the moment.

In progress

  • Item base web order fulfilment to make filling web orders faster and easier
  • Tyro e-commerce gateway option for credit card payments
  • Streamlined web checkout
  • Infrastructure and system upgrades
  • Ezipay integration
  • Purchase Order cart refactor (speed up)
  • POS customer search improvements

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Part time trainer wanted

We are looking for a part time trainer to help new shops get started, ideally someone that works or has worked in a bookshop. If you have some spare time, are reasonably tech savvy and know Circle well we would like to hear from you. Email

The Lockdown relief swing (across the road from home)

What kept me busy last week

The past week the whanau has been enjoying the Winter at our local ski field.

Warwick Schaffer


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