Sure, they're crowded now. But who will still be showing up in November?

It always amazes me, , how hard it is to find a parking spot at the gym after the first of the year. I always think to myself, "where were all of you a few months ago?!"

I'm not trying to attendance-shame anyone - fitness efforts are admirable ANY time of the year. It's just that jam-packed January parking lots are a visual reminder of how enthusiasm can wane over time. No matter how excited we are to start anew, there'll be plenty of places to park before long. 

The same is true for our email messages and other communication intentions. 

We start the year pumped and determined to reach out to our communities on a regular basis, to nurture our relationships with better correspondence, and to show that we aren't only in touch when we want donations. But, by Q2, the year's momentum takes over and all that "extra" writing falls by the wayside. 

So, here are three quick tips to help you play the long game.  

  1. Front load the work. Create an outline for your messages for the entire year. Then start filling in content ideas and begin writing as many as possible. Even writing very rough drafts for several weeks of content will give you a huge advantage each time you sit down to write. Helpful hints: reserve time in your schedule every week to write, brainstorm, or finalize messages and remember that topics may change and that's ok. Don't be afraid to create a master plan despite can be both proactive and flexible.
  2. Let go of expectations of brilliance. Not every message you send has to be earth-shattering, heartstring-tugging, or life-changing. While you want your communications to be well-written and free of errors, they don’t have to be works of art. The important objectives for your regular communications are to be clear, engaging, and consistent. Just get something interesting and authentic out.
  3. Get help. Need ideas? Ask people to brainstorm with you or use these writing prompts. Always have someone edit or proofread your work. And if writing is just not your thing, don’t let it stand in your way. Hire someone to do the heavy lifting - to which you can add your own input and personal touches.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the writing services page on my website, here’s a snapshot:

Also, as part of my shift in attention, I am low-key closing the Changemakers group on Facebook. If you’re part of that group, thanks for your participation and for helping it grow over the last year plus. It has now been archived which means that you will still be able to see what has already been posted but will not be able to post anything new. 

I have a few ideas for forming a future group when the time is right. Meanwhile, I welcome your suggestions for group features that would be beneficial to you.

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